Despite my wife’s baking marvels over the past few days – peach crumb dessert and chocolate chip banana muffins (two of my absolute favorites… thanks, dear) – I’ve been sticking to eating only healthy foods!

I’ve already lost 1 pound, and probably 1.5 pounds of fat, because I’ve been strength training, building muscle.

This morning I ate a couple pieces of raisin toast – sprouted, whole grain Ezekiel bread (the good stuff). I didn’t put sugar on it, just butter (I consider butter to be healthy, in moderation – it’s a LOT better for you than margarine or other vegetable oils).

I’ve been drinking my juice, too 🙂

I’m also eating one Cocoa Cassava bar as a healthy snack. (More about that in a post, below).

Last night I had a small portion of meatloaf, potatoes, and green beans.

Just thought I’d give a quick update… and hopefully inspiring you to eat healthy this month, too!

For excellent health,