MicroNutra Health (www.micronutra.com) Shut Down By FDA?

Recently the website MicroNutra.com was taken off line and the company, MicroNutra Health, was closed down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MicroNutra Health had an entire product line of natural health supplements that the FDA is now calling “drugs”.

Below is a quote from one of the news site articles I read recently online:
“The indictment does not allege that the products don’t do what they claim to do,” said Don Ledford, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney in Kansas City, Mo. “What the indictment does allege is these companies claimed that the products had been tested and been proven effective when, in fact, they had not been tested and they had not been proven effective.”

“FDA regulations prohibit advertising medical benefits of drugs without extensive scientific testing.”

Should they have shut MicroNutra down? What do you think? Post a comment and express your opinion…

Many of my subscribers and readers often express interest in natural supplements for overall health and for specific health conditions.  Therefore, Barton Publishing did promote MicroNutra Health supplements, and we do believe that many of their products were of high quality, based on the reported positive results from our own customers.

However, several months ago we stopped promoting www.MicroNutra.combecause we became leery of their business practices.  We were receiving numerous complaints about the length of time that it took for the product shipments to arrive, as well as complaints about having trouble with returns and refunds.

We also heard the rumor that MicroNutra Health may have actually been selling the same products under various product names, with each product claiming to treat or cure a different disease.  Although we do see how a supplement could be effective in treating various conditions, this did not sit right with us.

So, over the past few months, we stopped recommending MicroNutra supplements. 

However, after much research, we started to recommend herbal remedies from Native Remedies as preferred supplements to assist people with specific health conditions. 

Certain herbs have been well known for centuries for their ability to provide numerous health benefits.

Using customer feedback and research we determined that Native Remedies (www.NativeRemedy.info) was an excellent company with an excellent product line of herbal supplements. They also have great customer service and fast shipping, which is very important!

Also… unlike MicroNutra, Native Remedies is actually FDA Approved.

All of the Native Remedies products are formulated to target certain health conditions and they combine a unique blends of herbs, which work together to compound the effectiveness of the remedy as a whole.

This is one key reason why Native Remedies herbal supplements seem to be superior to other similar products… where normally 1 + 1 = 2 for most herbal supplements, with Native Remedies one herb will make the other herb more effective and vice versa. So now 1 + 1 = 4 or 6.  Make sense?

The Barton Publishing natural health remedy reports cover everything you need as far as home remedies, however many people prefer taking a supplement over drastically changing their diet or lifestyle. 

We encourage you to try both! 

These herbal remedies may or may not improve your condition and the same goes for our natural home remedy reports.  However, for the vast majority of people, natural health remedies can dramatically improve your health.

By combining customer opinions and success stories, with the research and expertise of doctors, herbalists, dietitians, and nutritionists, I’m able to provide you with the information and options you will need to discover your optimal natural health remedy. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to MicroNutra Health products OR if you’re considering an herbal remedy, visit the site link below:


And please, let me know your results if you try one of the herbal supplements… Many of the recommended products, supplements, and even new report remedies that I promote are provided and inspired by YOU, as a valued customer or subscriber!

For excellent natural health,
Joe Barton, Founder
Barton Publishing Inc.