January’s Health Topic: Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a maddening feeling you can’t explain. It is a strange sensation in the legs that compels you to move your legs. When you do, the feeling goes away for a few seconds and then comes back.

This particular urge to move limbs often happens at night. It wreaks havoc on sleep and disrupts people’s work and social lives (sitting through a movie can be nearly impossible).

Millions of Americans suffer from this syndrome, which some scientists believe is a result from poor dopamine metabolism in the brain, as a result of a genetic trait or from an underlying health problem, such as iron deficiency.

Restless Leg Syndrome is ridiculous and extremely real. Fortunately, real natural remedies exist. Here are six to try from Dr. Scott Saunders:

Practical Help To Relax Those Moving Legs!

RLS sufferers complain of its hallmark “creepy crawly” or “itchy, burning” sensation. Some have resulted to a bouquet of drugs or crawling out of bed at night for elaborate treatments. Try to get a good night sleep and try this series of natural home remedies:

Are Your Legs Restless from Running Through Your Mind All Night Long?

If you haven’t heard of restless leg syndrome, the drug companies are using the same ones that treat Parkinson’s disease. Be creative in what you eat, not in selling out to drug-consuming Americans.  Learn to cope with the persistent discomfort with a combination of the right foods:

Diet and Foods That Affect Restless Leg Syndrome

If one of your legs feels like it has to get up a take a walk as soon as you sit or lay down, you might need more iron. But, don’t suffer in silence, shame or pain! Find all the fidgety facts on restless legs in this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work!


P.S. Restless legs might be in the genes, not in the mind.  The “twitchy” syndrome is a real condition.  Kick in the door to your healing and avoid the urge to move! Calm Restless Legs Naturally. www.HomeCuresThatWork.com