OK, the response to my email about Dr. Saunders has been OVERWHELMING!! 99.9999% of our responses were highly positive!

It seems that most people are very excited to have the opportunity to connect with a licensed family-practice doctor who specializes in natural treatment options.

We received over 600 questions from the last email I sent out!! Unfortunately, Dr. Saunders is not Superman and can’t answer all of these questions in one day… so what we’ve decided to do is have him answer 15-20 of the most common, most urgent questions – and we will post them on our new website (name yet to be revealed), within a few weeks.

The reason for the delay is multi-faceted. First of all, we’re waiting for our LLC documents to be filed with the state – to protect ourselves legally from any screwballs who may want to try and sue us for malpractice or something (here’s a heads up… we will not be establishing a doctor-patient relationship… we will merely be offering medical opinions based on Dr. Saunders experience as a doctor – ultimately, YOU are the sole person responsible for your health… and, if you decide to take our suggestions, you must do so without holding us at fault if something (God forbid) were to go wrong). This is common practice for other medical professionals who offer advice online.

Secondly, we’re still working out details of how this program is going to work! We’re discussing how to structure this new business – whether to setup a free forum where anyone & their brother can post messages and respond… or whether to setup a membership site where people would pay a monthly subscription to ask questions and interact with Dr. Saunders.

Also, we will also be providing you the opportunity to subscribe to a 100% free natural health newsletter which will contain valuable tips, plus we’ll provide you with a selected amount of customer Q&A’s by Dr. Saunders, some free videos, and more.

We’re also discussing how to setup a system that works well for both those asking and those answering the questions – including whether to use basic email, an online forum, video, audio, or a number of other options.

So… please bear with us as we work out the details of this exciting new, valuable service!

In the mean time, here is a 4-minute video that Dr. Saunders created to help you get to know him better… as he discusses how & why he has turned to alternative, natural medicine over “traditional” medicine:

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions for us (as we continue to develop our new website), please post a comment below and give us your thoughts! This service is here for YOU, so we want YOU to be happy & healthy!