As I write this, more and more vaccines are being introduced to the market. And more and more pressure is being placed on us to immunize even against sicknesses that are not serious. Why is the government becoming so insistent on immunization? Yet why are vaccines so ineffective?

We’re very excited to present ground-breaking information on this controversial subject of vaccinations in this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work.

There are some really big questions facing all of us with regard to immunization:

  • To what extent do you trust the government to dictate to you what is healthiest for you, your children and grandchildren?
  • Where do vaccinations fall in that debate?
  • Should the government be able to mandate who gets what vaccines?
  • Why is government and big pharma in league on this issue and are their motives pure?
  • How do we know whether vaccines are safe?

Home Cures That Work for VaccinesThese are some of the tough questions we raise and respond to in the current issue of Home Cures That Work.

Perhaps this past flu season you succumbed to the pressure to get your annual flu shot. How well did it protect you from the flu? Did you know that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that the flu shot is very ineffective? So why do they continue to push it?

Home Cures That Work Tip: The best alternative to the flu vaccine is to take high doses of vitamin D during the flu season. In fact, it has been found that the “flu season” happens because there is less sunshine during the winter, and thus people create less vitamin D. Click here for vitamin D dosage during the flu season to avoid the flu shot.

Learn about what toxins are found in the various vaccines, why they’re there and how you can protect yourself. If you’ve received a vaccine lately, it’s likely you’ve been inoculated with thimerosal, containing about 50% mercury. And many vaccines contain other heavy metals, chemicals, allergens, and even compounds derived from aborted fetuses and animals. And that list doesn’t even cover contaminated vaccines! Are we to believe those things are safe when injected directly into our bloodstream?

Discover how many vaccine reactions (including severe ones and even death) occur in the US each year due to vaccinations and how much money the US government is shelling out to victims of immunizations gone wrong.

A question looming in our minds right now is not whether we’re protected from disease, but whether we’re protected from an invasive government telling us how to manage our personal health. For this reason, I know you’ll want to investigate this issue more thoroughly in this issue of Home Cures That Work.

P.S. Did you know that a person recently vaccinated can infect others with the very disease for which that person was vaccinated? Learn about it in this issue of Home Cures That Work.


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