Did you know that you are NOT what you eat?

You are what you absorb!

So the question you must answer if you want faster fat loss:

How can I consume all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals necessary for maximal nutrient absorption into my diet? (and without spending a fortune on expensive pills and powders).


And if you’re interested in a SIMPLE & EASY juicing solution, I have some awesome news. 

My good friend, nutritionist and “kitchen diva” Flavia Del Monte just announced (a few minutes ago) she is giving away anyone who orders her brand new Flavilicious Cooking – Eat More To Lose More cookbook a FREE copy of her husband’s Get Juiced recipe guide called 101 Fat-Burning Juicing Recipes… absolutely FREE.

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Get Juiced
 is the MISSING LINK to burning fat faster and flattening your belly permanently by delivering 101 simple to make, delicious juicing recipes that give your body the “machinery” to maximally digest and absorb the food you eat.

Flavia’s husband and juicing expert Vince Del Monte and co-creator Drew Canole have taken years of experimentation on friends, family and even hundreds of clients, to give the best tasting juices to meet your specific needs and “target” your personal goals.

Just a FEW of the many recipes you’ll taste in the Get Juiced Recipe Guide include…

  • make juiceThe Bone-Builder
  • The Lean-Green Fat Burning Machine
  • The Muscle-Cramp Stopper
  • The Blood-Flow Booster
  • The Sex-Fueler
  • The Anti-Aging Powerhouse
  • The Liver Cleaner
  • The Blood Pressure Optimizer
  • The Muscle-Soreness Reliever
  • The Instant-Energy Shot
  • The Hangover Fix
  • The Alkaline Enhancer
  • The Inflammation Killer
  • The Cold & Flu Preventer
  • The Cancer Fighter
  • The Memory Activator
  • The Immune System Strengthener
  • Superman’s X-Ray Vision Juice
  • The Anti-Ulcer Probiotic Juice
  • And So Much More!

Normally the Get Juiced recipe guide sells for $27 at their website, and has been raved about by by tens of thousands of juicing enthusiasts worldwide, and when you pick up Flavilicious Cooking TODAY, they are going to GIVE it to you for FREE.

After today however, the Get Juiced recipe guide will never be made available again for free.

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