There are 3 doctor-recommended Fat Loss methods that you should avoid at all costs.

The scary thing is, these recommendations are so widely accepted, most people think they

are a good idea. But they are not!

In fact, they often lead to weight gain…

What are these three methods, and why should you avoid them?

The complete answer is contained in this free online video presentation. Meanwhile, here’s the short explanation…the 3 things you should avoid doing, if you really want to shed the pounds.

You should avoid:

1. Starvation programs

Ask yourself…out of all the skinny people that you know, how many of them are on a starvation program? That is a big clue.

Starvation programs are not sustainable, and not healthy. They train your body to store fat. Quite simply…they don’t work.

2. Aerobic exercise

The advice given is usually something like this: exercise 40 minutes, three times per week.

If you really want the truth, traditional cardio does burn-fat…but not in a good way. Done wrong, aerobics decrease your muscle mass because of what’s called the “wasting effect”.

This is why you may be exercising every day, but not shed the pounds. We do have an answer for this – a 15-minute answer – and we share that with you in this free online presentation.

3. Pills

This is the most dangerous advice you may

get… to take drugs or pills to help you shed excess pounds. Why would your doctor recommend and prescribe dangerous and expensive drugs to you, drugs that have been shown to cause heart attacks, stroke, bleeding, depression, panic attacks and worse? For the answer to that one, please watch the video presentation.

While this traditional advice method does not work, you might be wondering…what does work??

We stumbled across a completely natural, easy-to-use, commonsense approach to shedding the pounds forever.

FatLoss Remedy VideoWe put what we learned about fat loss into this free online video presentation.

It will only be available for a limited time, so your best bet is to go watch it right now.

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