“You have cancer” are three words you never want to hear . . .

Unfortunately, over 5,000 people in North America do hear those words — every single day. Even worse, cancer kills more Americans than anything except heart disease.

5 cancer signsAmerica’s foremost holistic health practitioner, David Brownstein, M.D., warns that, contrary to popular opinion, we are not winning the war on cancer. In fact, cancer death rates have remained nearly unchanged over the last 80 years. And conventional cancer treatments have been a dismal failure, particularly when the initial cancer returns — often with a deadly vengeance.

Dr. Brownstein has spent much of his medical career studying cancer, and learning the best ways to avoid becoming its victim. In fact, he has identified five key signs that you will be diagnosed with cancer during your lifetime.

And because the only big winner in the cancer treatment story to date has been the cancer industry’s multibillion-dollar profits, Dr. Brownstein has just released a video highlighting these five signs you could get cancer.

According to Dr. Brownstein, nearly all of us have cancer cells in our bodies at various times during our lives. The trick is to avoid letting those cells multiply and overwhelm the body’s natural defenses. Knowing these five cancer-causing signs is crucial to remaining cancer-free for life.

Dr. Brownstein’s Presentation: 5 Signs You’ll Get Cancer

The good news is that you and your loved ones do not need to become cancer victims. With the life-saving strategies revealed in Dr. Brownstein’s eye-opening video, you will find seven simple but smart steps to prevent cancer from taking over your body — like it does to so many Americans.

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