A friend of mine recently gave you me some tea that she didn’t work for her “diet.”  A whole new world just opened up to me! Wu-Teas! All of a sudden, my eyes are opened to the many ads that dieters claim can help them burn fat with the wu tea benefits.  Is this the miracle cure for fat loss?

If Oprah said so…well, then.

Are you wooed by Wu tea?

Come to find out, many of the wu tea products raved about online are simply just oolong tea. This tea that promises to support weight loss is nothing more than other teas mixed in with oolong, or just oolong tea.

Turns out oolong tea is supported by studies to boost your metabolism and enhance your health, along with some other minor health benefits.  In fact, the high quality of plucked leaves can increase the percentage of fat calories burned.

The advertising slimming properties of this “miracle tea” just happen to be blatant scams.  You are actually buying a lot of trouble – NOT the high quality oolong they hype up. Oolong tea, along with its cousins black and green tea, have wonderful mental and physical health benefits, but none of them are “magic brew.”

I do know the owner of this oolong tea company, and I trust their sourcing of the highest quality oolong tea.

However, there isn’t enough supporting evidence, before and after pictures, magazine endorsements or celebrity FACTS that convince me you can’t buy a cheaper oolong team from a natural health food store and get the same results.

Is ThereFat Loss Benefits From Oolong Tea?

If you drink a mixture of green tea, white, black and oolong tea on a daily basis there might

be prove to be a slight benefit with your metabolism, which helps with fat loss. It just might help with some extra calories.  The best reason to drink tea is for it’s antioxidant benefit, which helps to prevent cancer and other diseases by increasing your overall health.

Just don’t expect that drinking tea to be a major factor in how fast you body is going to burn fat. We all know that your lifestyle, your nutrition, exercise and outlook on life will give you better results for weight loss.

So what I’d recommend is…

Most of these “miracle fat loss teas” on the internet are overhyped, and any effect you do get is going to be minor. Now I’m not saying that there can’t be a cumulative effect if you do a lot of these little tips and tricks combined together,

and I’ve always said that green tea and oolong teas are certainly part of that.  So if you do choose to use oolong tea, find a good quality brand at your local health food store, or try my friend’s brand at this oolong site.

Regardless, I do recommend including white, green, black, and oolong teas (as well as other types of tea such as yerba mate, rooibos, etc) in your diet for their numerous health benefits and antioxidants, but just be careful not to be scammed by overhyped claims on websites that you don’t know.  Remember, if the claims seem wildly overhyped, it’s probably too good to be true.

Don’t be lazy… be lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Founder – TruthAboutAbs.com

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