My father has been serious about survival and self-reliance for years. He’s trained in the military and is passionate about protecting his family and his land from any form of invasion: nuclear fall-out, religious jihad, rioting, flood or any other natural disaster. Recently, he and my mother have canned garden vegetables and made various sorts of fruit preserves, juices and jams – all for the sake of having a stock pile to pull from in time of emergency.

We are ALL endowed with a sense of self-preservation. If a truck is coming at you, don’t you jump out of the way?! Much like a flight or fight (or even freeze) response, there are varying degrees of self-preservation in all of us.

  • A lot of people will tell you that it is their love of family.
  • Others believe there is a divine order to who lives and who dies.
  • Some are just plain scared of disaster claiming a precious life before “their time.”
  • Even for others, the instinct is dormant.

For my father, he fits into the category that is on “constant alert.” He is like a gazelle hanging around a watering hole, ears up, eyes scanning the horizon for impending doom or danger.


Because, somewhere out there is a lion waiting for dinner. It might not be today. It may not be tomorrow. But, it might be in 5 minutes! Whenever the time comes – and it will – are you ready for the emergency?

You don’t have to be in the service, hardened by circumstances, to know the realities of survival. You don’t have to be a fictional “Rambo” or “MacGyver” to be well prepared and survive any kind of jam you find yourself in.

The next issue of Home Cures That Work on Survival will provide you with the appropriate motivation, explanation, knowledge and skills required to avoid self-destruction and danger in case of emergency. We’ve read about primitive cultures, non-electric inventions, early homesteading efforts and natural folklore medicine to help you prepare as best as you can.

Sanity and Survival <<—– Weather the storms of life

There are events that no one wants to think about: earthquake, total economic collapse or a nation failing; but in the face of potential high consequence, are you prepared to do what you need to do?

This month’s Home Cures That Work will help you, a regular citizen, become a survivalist. Will you have to carry around canned goods and flares in your briefcase in case of emergency? Find out just what basic planning and some preparation is fitting for serious results.

Survive Any Catastrophic Event <<—–Be prepared for the long haul

So, when the time comes, you can hope in your ingenuity, knowledge and ability to think-on-your-feet to get out of the specific emergency you end up in. We all know life-and-death situations aren’t limited to Everest mountaineers, or even to people hiking in the wilderness. They can surprise us in the workplace, at home, and with regard to personal health. No matter the circumstance, such events will require valuable insights.

In our October issue on Survival, we report on the psychology of survival and how your day-to-day decisions can affect your capacity to endure the unexpected. YOU must find a way to deal with that when it happens.

The Secret of Overcoming <<—–Dare to hope

If you are reading this and are unsure where to start, or if you have already started to prepare for survival and it’s not as successful as you would like, here is what I want you to do…

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We all hope in time of crisis that everything will be okay. If you want to survive any health problem, you have to plan and take action. If you aren’t a Home Cures That Work member, you can learn where all the exit signs are for many conditions, diseases and complications to get through everyday life.

The survivor personality is one that faces the facts and begins to deal with it. Improve your chance of surviving any health problem and become a Home Cures That Work member today.

P.S. How prepared are you for the disasters in your life? Are you going to be a victim, or are you going to be a survivor? You can bounce back from anything: lion attack, health disaster or earthquake. Think the unthinkable, prepare for the worst and expect the best.