A close friend has a very funny line when people ask him how he is. He fires

back, “Older and uglier.”

However, he’s neither old nor ugly. But he will be if nothing changes. So will you. So will I. And so will everyone else including every supermodel you see on magazine covers.

Aging Older and Uglier

I don’t mean to say there aren’t lots of attractive elderly people. There are. But they “look good for their age.” Can you honestly say an aging supermodel looks as good as she did at the height of her career? And I have yet to see an attractive supercentenarian (110 or older).

There are tons of world-class athletes over the age of 60. But they are world-class in their respective age groups. How many NBA players do you see in their 40s? I just looked it up. Three. They are all exactly 40. And two of them ride the bench.

So…am I saying your physical future is grim? Not at all. I’m just reminding you how things are today.

What’s our destiny? It may be older and uglier, just like our ancestors. But we have a fighting chance for “younger (biologically) and sexier.” All it takes is “work.”

What else is new?

Everything worth having takes work. At least on someone’s part. You may inherit a bunch of stuff that’s worth having. But someone before you worked for it. And for those of us who weren’t born rich, we’re painfully aware of the work it takes to not only thrive… but to survive.

Then here’s your work assignment:

1. Take care of yourself.

I can’t remind you too often. Amazing things are happening in research labs all over the world. Don’t let bad habits prematurely age and kill you when you could be close enough to tomorrow’s emerging breakthroughs to be able to take advantage of strong rejuvenating therapies.

2. Monitor your thoughts… and your words.

Our bodies react to them. Positive thoughts and words reinforce every cell in your body. Negative thoughts and words do the opposite. This is well-documented. Comments and thoughts like “older and uglier” get imbedded in your subconscious and take you in the opposite direction of your wellness and longevity goals.

We may not be supermodels or star athletes today, but I’ll let you in on a little secret.

When rejuvenating technologies mature, you won’t just be a younger version of yourself. You’ll be better. Smarter, Stronger and Sexier. Yep. We’ll be enhanced. Improved if you want to be.

And your future could very well be open-ended.

No guarantees, but an excellent chance. Isn’t that worth fighting for?

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