Brittany Murphy was on multiple prescriptions at the time of her death.

It’s not normal to die at age 32 of a heart attack. To make that happen, you normally have to be taking chemical substances of some kind, either recreational drugs or prescription drugs. Actress Brittany Murphy, who died this last weekend from a heart attack, was reportedly taking prescription drugs to treat the symptoms of the flu (not to actually treat the flu itself, mind you, just the symptoms of the flu). She was found collapsed in her shower after her heart gave out, possibly by prescription drug overdose.

If prescription drugs are the cause, this would be just the latest celebrity death caused by pharmaceuticals. Other celebrity deaths recently caused by pharmaceuticals include:

• Heath Ledger…

• Patrick Swayze…

• Bernie Mac…

• Michael Jackson…

• Farrah Fawcett…

And from the realm of politics and the media, the following celebrities have also been killed by pharmaceuticals:

• Tony Snow…

• Tim Russert

• Peter Jennings

If you add it all up and include all the non-celebrities killed by Big Pharma, these dangerous prescription drugs are racking up a body count that makes terrorists look like amateurs.

Pharmaceutical industry is a giant fraud

The pharmaceutical industry, as operated today, is based almost entirely on scientific fraud, bribery of doctors, misleading advertising and corrupt regulatory agencies like the FDA. Most prescription medications simply don’t help most people. They only mask symptoms while ignoring the underlying causes of disease.

Nearly all pharmaceuticals are sold with the Big Lie… the implied (but false) promise that “These drugs will make you healthier.” That’s why drug ads always show happy, healthy people popping their pills. (Well, technically they never even show them popping the pills. They just show them doing yoga, hiking in the woods, or whatever looks good.)

I can’t think of a single pharmaceutical that actually makes you healthier. Almost universally, prescription drugs cause long-term damage to the heart, liver, kidneys and nervous system. Over time, they erode your health, accelerate your apparent aging and promote chronic degenerative disease.

Nutrients can make you healthier and prevent disease, but pharmaceuticals have no such abilities. That’s because the human body was never designed to digest patented chemicals. It was, as you probably learned in high school health class, designed solely to digest natural foods and nutrients provided by Mother Nature.

Of course, pharmaceuticals are very seductive. The idea that you can pop a pill and have all your health problems corrected is very appealing to many people. This is perhaps what got into Brittany Murphy. She mistakenly believed FDA-approved drugs would protect her health when, in reality, they took her life.

NaturalNews mourns her death and hopes that others will learn the truth about dangerous prescription addiction and seek out safer, more natural alternatives that can save their lives.

Why celebrities need really good nutrition

Being a celebrity is extremely stressful and demanding. The long work hours, lack of time in nature, sunlight deficiency, frequent travel and poor sleep quality all add up to a lifestyle that can devastate your health. That’s why celebrities, more than almost anyone, need to pursue a super clean diet with lots of superfoods.

Only through very powerful, potent foods can celebrities hope to maintain anything close to a healthy life while under the stresses of celebrity existence. (And make no mistake, being a celebrity is harder than you think. The stresses are unbelievable…)

The smart celebrities are already on natural diets — Woody Harrelson, Suzanne Somers, Daryl Hannah and so on. They will tend to far out-live others who pursue extremely stressful lifestyles while trying to survive on a diet of processed foods and FDA-approved pharmaceuticals.

There is no doubt in my mind that Brittany Murphy’s life could have been saved. If she had been taking vitamin D supplements, immune-boosting herbs and following a diet of healthy superfoods, she would very likely still be alive today. That’s just my opinion, of course, as I don’t yet know all the medical details about her death, but for someone to die of a heart attack at age 32, their health has to be severely compromised through something like prescription drug overdose in one or more significant ways.

The sad part is that the conventional medical industry never tells people the truth about nutrition and disease prevention, so even people who consider themselves to be “well informed” are lacking basic knowledge about vitamin D, minerals, phytonutrients, living foods, superfoods and so on. To my knowledge, Brittany was not known as a health food person, so she most likely followed conventional health information (junk food, drugs and surgery). And that’s almost certainly what killed her.

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