By Bob Condor

It’s easy for some doctors to completely dismiss colon cleansing as an option for someone struggling with digestive issues or as a preventive health measure. “There’s no research to support it” is a common reply, and that’s without any medical badmouthing.

While American research is thin, the enterprising doctor will acknowledge that scientific studies about colon irrigation—another term is colonic therapy—are more accessible in European research literature. One example: In a 2005 Netherlands study of individuals with “defecation disturbances” (including obstruction, chronic constipation and inability to control bowel movements), researchers determined the success rate of retrograde colon irrigation for patients who received no relief from medications, biofeedback and other measures suggested by physicians. Forty-five percent of the patients cleared all symptoms with the colon irrigation. That’s a formidable success rate considering these are patients at wit’s end medically and, no small thing, emotionally.

It’s harder to dismiss that finding and others like it from Europe and even the U.S., such as a Oregon Health Sciences study showing that vital electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium) are not dangerously lowered or eliminated through colonic therapy.

And that is before the anecdotal evidence. People who have found relief from colonic therapy are the best reasons to consider its value in your personal health program. One friend of mine stoically endured digestive disturbances for years, finally tried a colonic, felt better almost from the finish of the first treatment and now schedules them on a set basis.

“I just feel so much better after getting it done,” says my friend. “It gives me a lift that hard to explain. Everyone should try it.”

My friend, the inquisitive type, spent some time researching the best colonic therapists in his city, then did the same in-depth process all over again when he moved from the Midwest to the West Coast. It is important to seek out trusted health practitioners and friends to find a colonic therapist. And the same goes for trying any colon cleanse products that don’t require clinical irrigation but involve you fasting/eating little and emphasizing the fluids.

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Even before deciding upon a colon cleanse program, there are some basic steps you can take to improve your digestive health—and, with it, seriously upgrade your quality of life.order generic cialis online