I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn inside an old cabin in Northern Michigan, headed over to the coffee pot, poured myself a hot cup of Joe, grabbed the organic cream, and there it was.

An entire glass container FULL of little green Stevia In The Raw packets.

Most people have NO clue that this brand of stevia is a HUGE scam.

That’s because Stevia In The Raw contains 95% dextrose – also known as PURE sugar, usually derived from corn.

stevia in the rawIt’s another “hidden” label loophole that could make you gain belly fat if you’re not careful.

That’s because the FDA allows ANY food that contains less than 4 calories per serving to be labeled as “calorie-free”.

This product shows portion sizes of 0.5g or 1/8 of a teaspoon, but it continues to claim it contains ZERO calories.

Another food scam.

Instead of buying this unhealthy brand, try to use organic brands of stevia that come in a liquid or pure powder form.

Make sure you read the label too. If it contains more than one or two ingredients, it could be a scam.

Also, did you know that 73% of “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil NOT virgin at all!?!?

Recently Consumer Reports revealed that approximately 20% of ALL olive oils are FAKE and have been mixed with other cheap oils, while still claiming to be 100% pure.

Even worse is what the UC Davis Olive Center unveiled when they discovered that 73% of olive oils labeled as “extra virgin” (the best and most nutritious kind of olive oil) did NOT PASS purity testing and were instead heavily processed.

In other words, your olive oil could be LOADED with dangerous trans fats that are destroying your health and wreaking havoc on your waistline.

If you want to make sure YOUR olive oil is pure and that you aren’t falling for this huge olive oil SCAM, my partner in fat burning crime, Nicky P. (aka- The Nutrition Nerd) shows you how to ensure your olive oil’s purity on the next page:


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