I just finished watching an emotionally charged episode of American Idol where the judges used their “safe” card to keep a talented contestant from going home after he was voted by popular America as one of the weakest singers.

But, that is not why I tuned in. I want to see James Durbin wow the judges.  James has Asperger’s, a form of functioning autism, as well as Tourette Syndrome.

April is Autism Awareness Month and James Durbin is certainly bringing awareness to the Autism Spectrum Disorders, proving he has much talent to offer. Publicly identified with autism, James is clearly inspirational and is showing that people with Asperger’s and Autism have a lot to give the world. They have talents. They have dreams and they are fully capable to pursue and accomplish them – even something as seemingly impossible as performing on the big stage of American Idol.

This month’s issue of Home Cures That Work highlights Autism Spectrum Disorder.

James Durbin was on medication for sleep disorders and stress before he was diagnosed with Asperger’s. After decades of trial and error, new ways of helping Autistic people are redefining what it means to be Autistic. We are learning to listen better to what people with Autism can teach us, not just about achieving dreams, but about healing alternatives.

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Child and teens with mental disabilities such as Asperger’s may be able to achieve unexpected goals, like Durbin, particularly if given early interventions or therapies. Dr. Saunders lists a variety of therapies to diagnose and treat Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Hopefully, as awareness increases, more people will come to better understand those difficulties of Autism and eventually come to appreciate what James Durbin has been able to accomplish, which includes overcoming many challenges and obstacles to get where he is today.

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Seeing James dance and sing last night – showing his joy – was a big win. It doesn’t matter if he’s this season’s American Idol winner or not. He’s already won… and so has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

That’s a beautiful thing.


P.S. There are very specific diagnostic criteria someone has to meet in order to get an Asperger’s or Autism diagnosis. It doesn’t look the same on every person, though. On top of that, people can and do improve dramatically when there is early and adequate intervention. James obviously had an incredibly supportive family because he manages so well. Here is another celebrity who found support in the spotlight to reverse Autism in her son.

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