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The Amazing Power of Selenium — Selenium plays a protective role in the body because it increases antioxidant capabilities and the quality of blood flow, thereby enhancing the body’s resistance against diseases and stress. But it can also reduce the risk of cancer! How many other diseases can selenium beat? Read on to benefit from one of the most versatile of nutrients.

Home Cures That Work July 2016Turning Chores into Your Workout — House cleaning can be a great way to reduce mess, sanitize the home and burn calories. By expanding on your daily and weekly cleaning routine, you can develop your muscles in your legs, arms, back and abdomen. Read more to find out how to exercise and lose weight by turning everyday household chores into a workout routine.

How to Balance Food Cravings  When a chocolate fix hits so intensely that you feel like you’ll scream if you don’t get a candy bar, it’s easy to blame it on your sweet tooth or stress. But food cravings may actually be a clue that you’re longing for something not found in a grocery store. Your snack urges may be a sign that something’s out of balance in your life.  Learn what your hunger pangs may be trying to tell you so you can find other ways to satisfy your true cravings—and avoid unnecessary calories.

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement Review — There is promising evidence that putting omega-3 into our diets can improve brain function and help us avoid impaired cognition and perhaps even Alzheimer’s disease. If you’ve considered taking omega-3 supplements but are confused about where to start, we will help you find the best fish oil/omega-3 supplement from independent tests and reviews. Lift your mood and your brain with omegas!

Gratitude is the Attitude that Determines My Altitude  Boost your happiness and health by using these strategies to experience more gratitude in your daily life!


P.S.  Home Cures That Work for Your Brain Brain health is a major concern these days. Many of us worry that our brain isn’t working as well as it used to. Often we have loved ones whose cognitive abilities seem to be declining or who are already developing dementia. Here are the Home Cures That Work all-natural tips to boost your brain health and decrease your risk of developing cognitive decline.