This month’s issue of Home Cures That Work is now available online. And it’s jam-packed with healthful information, tips and recipes.

Zika Virus Facts You Need to Know – The mainstream media continues the hysteria regarding the Zika virus – that it’s causing birth defects – but there is so much information intentionally being left out. While the public fears its next mosquito bite, the truths of this viral infection are intentionally left out. Dr. Scott Saunders uncovers the whole story about Zika.

Home Cures That Work October 20165 Reasons You Need Aquafaba In Your Life Right Now! – While whipping chickpea water may not seem intuitive, it actually works well enough to create fluffy meringues and mousse. (Who knew, right?) Aquafaba (chickpea water) works in literally anything you’d use eggs for—cookies, cakes, macaroons—and even mayo. But how exactly do you use it? And does chickpea water actually have any nutrients? Here’s what you need to know.

Glutamine – A Building Block for a Healthy Body – It is now clear to researchers that glutamine (or L-glutamine) is key in healing the body from certain diseases and ailments. When your system encounters high levels of stress or trauma, your need for glutamine ramps up. Under such conditions you use up your body’s natural production of glutamine. Replenishing your supply of glutamine through diet or supplementation is vital, or your gut may be subject to permeability, which jeopardizes your immune system.

Clear Up Tinnitus with Food – A common ear problem is ringing in the ears, or tinnitus. This article shares self-help tips, such as 5 foods to avoid to reduce the severity of tinnitus. Complementary, alternative and new treatments are making life better for some with tinnitus. They reduce the stress of life and may help reduce anxiety.


P.S. There are several things that happen to people who have leaky gut. If you have one or more of these symptoms, there’s a good chance that you have leaky gut syndrome too…