Confused about what you’re supposed to eat? That’s because most nutritional advice about healthy foods comes sources that have sold their souls to the giant food companies. Even the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid is heavily influenced by food lobbyists, and it offers lousy advice about food nutrition that’s decades behind the cutting-edge nutritional principles we now know to be true.

If you want a REAL food guide pyramid to which healthy foods you should eat, check out my Honest Food Guide, an easy-to-use nutritional reference chart that will help you make the best choices at every meal. The “Honest Food Guide” is based on real nutrition, not politics or special interest groups, and it illustrates the nutritional principles that will keep you healthy for life.

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The “Honest Food Guide” provides information regarding food nutrition like:

* Which common food ingredients promote diabetes
* Which foods promote mental disorders and depression
* How to avoid hydrogenated oils
* Which grocery products and nutritional foods promote outstanding health
* Why high-sodium snacks are harmful to your health
* Where to find healthy protein
* Mineral-rich supplements to add to your diet
* How MSG interferes with body function and appetite control
* What foods to add to your diet for a strong immune system
* Why breakfast cereals are often health saboteurs
* How to ensure you’re getting enough healthy oils
* Why sunlight is vital for good health
* Key nutrients for good health
* How to select vegetables with a variety of nutrients
* Healing superfoods
* How to achieve clear, smooth skin
* Which carbs to eat and which to avoid
… and much more.

If you want the straight truth about which nutritional foods to consume and which foods to avoid, download the Honest Food Guide today.

Learn more about nutritional foods in this healthy eating pyramid: