As reported in the New York Post:

Beware! The Mafia Have Tainted
up to 75% of All Fish In The US 

If You Want The Amazing Health Benefits of Fresh, Wild-Caught Fish Without The Contamination and Expense – Get Them By Consuming Fish Oil – Which Fish Oils Are Safe – and Where to Find Them

by Dr. Steve Cohen, M.D.
Specialist in integrative cardiology; consultant to Dr. Harmony


your-salmon-may-be-high-on-cocaineDid you happen to see the recent, scorching expose in the NY Post about how the mafia has infiltrated the food industry, especially the seafood business?

All I can say is that if you consume fish for its many health benefits, I urge you to sit down, take a deep breath, and read this message immediately. And then take corrective action.

The Truth is Counterfeit Fish and Is Rampant and Contains Foreign Chemicals, Solvents, Cocaine, Prozac and Other Potentially Harmful Ingredients

As I’ve warned for years, independent researchers, including the national conservation group, Oceana, have found, up to 75% of fish is dishonestly labeled, fraudulently substituted… and… this problem is rampant and widespread.

The study, in New York City alone, found:

  • 58 percent of retail outlets sold mislabeled fish.
  • 100 percent (yes 100 percent) of the sushi bars sampled sold mislabeled fish.
  • 94 percent of “white tuna” was not tuna at all, but escolar, a snake mackerel that has a toxin with purgative effects for people who eat more than a small amount of the fish.
  • Red snapper was found to be fake 79 percent of the time. The fake fish substituted for red snapper included farmed tilapia, from China or Taiwan, considered a fish to avoid by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

The fraud and corruption in the seafood industry is so frightening, President Obama has got the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security to ferociously combat the illegal, unreported and unregulated trafficking of seafood.

The sinister force behind the counterfeit fish flooding US stores turns out to be the Food Mafia. Wielding an international reach, the Mob has infiltrated the seafood industry from top to bottom.

Their scam is so massive and widespread – and thus so hard to stop – because the counterfeiting of fish yields mobsters higher profit margins than cocaine or smuggling, with few risks.

Thanks to the overwhelming health benefits and soaring popularity of fish, sales are booming and the Mob has moved in. They package their fake fish with labels that look perfectly authentic. And getting these fakes onto supermarket shelves and restaurants across America is surprisingly easy. That’s because America’s relatively few food inspectors are vastly outmatched by the sheer magnitude of the scam. Most discouraging of all – and the real reason why the fraud won’t stop anytime soon – is that the perpetrators are secretive overseas criminal organizations far beyond the reach of US regulators.

And the New York Post is by no means the only media organization sounding the alarm.

The Wall Street Journal confirms, “Beware of ‘Fake Fish’ in Restaurants and Seafood Shops.”

“Fake Fish On Shelves And Restaurant Tables Across USA,” echoes Forbes Magazine.

It’s not just the mislabeling of fish that’s a massive problem.

The Telegraph screams…

“Your Salmon Might Be High On Cocaine”

It went on to warn: “Not only do we have to worry about being tricked into eating farmed salmon, new research has revealed that salmon fillets could be contaminated with cocaine.”

A Healthy, Convenient, And Cheaper Alternative to Fish

Fish is expensive, even the fake kind, even the one contaminated with cocaine and mercury.

Besides, even if you did get unadulterated fish (highly unlikely) doctors recommend you’d have to consume it every day of the week to gain the true health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Millions of people gain similar life saving and health-boosting benefits of eating fish by instead consuming fish oil capsules.

When you take fish oil, you get the same benefits of fish without having to choke down pounds upon pounds of seafood and shellfish daily.

And you can do it simply, in just under 90 seconds a day.

Yes, you can actually supplement with Omega-3 fatty acids, and fact is, research is now suggesting supplementing with these super fats every single day is even MORE important to your health than taking a daily multi-vitamin. Fish oil is also the preferred form of fish given in the clinical trials.

They’re convenient, reasonably priced, safer and purer than consuming toxic and fake fish.

Or are they?

Fish Oil Scam Makes The Counterfeit Fish Problem Look Like Child’s Play

In terms of scope and scale, there’s an even greater level of deadly crime being perpetrated.

The main component in fish beneficial to your health is Omega-3 fatty acids. The New York Times reveals people who buy fish oil may not be getting what they’re paying for. It warns, “Studies have found that roughly three-quarters [3 out of 4] of fish oil supplements on the market do not contain the amount of omega-3 fatty acids advertised on their labels. Some have also found that fish oil supplements are prone to becoming rancid.”

It gets worse. ABC News blasted another explosive story on the dark side of the fish oil industry. Environmentalists from California tested fish oil supplements carried at CVS, GNC, and Rite Aid. They found PCBs (a chemical linked to birth defects and several types of cancer) in each fish oil capsule tested. This may seem like unnecessary paranoia, yet ingesting powerful neurotoxins could kill you.

The cop-out to avoid this problem is to stop taking fish oil. However, not consuming fish oil because many companies sell you rancid, mislabeled, impure, and toxic oils would be you throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

As experts recommend, you can avoid the Food Mafia contaminated fish oils by doing your homework online. Located around the US are quite a few honorable fish oil manufacturers that bypass the greed, contamination, and counterfeiting of most fish oil companies, and instead sell their fish oil directly to consumers.

But if you’d just as soon save yourself the time and hassle of researching hundreds of online fish oil producers, most of whom claim to be “the best,” allow me to make a suggestion.

Check out the link below. It’s a small company called Dr. Harmony. They specialize in bringing direct-to-your-door the best small school fish oil sourced from the virginal ocean, south of New Zealand.

Every batch of their fish oil called Super Omega is independently lab certified to have exactly what the label says it does. This is nothing less than the purest, freshest, highest-rated, award-winning fish oil available in America, and out of the world nutritious.

Once I tried these fish oil capsules, I fell madly in love with them, as did my wife. They’re the only fish oil capsules we trust to put in our bodies and gift to our family and friends. I also recommend them to my patients and everyone who’ll listen.

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