Here’s another example of Westernized medicine claiming they don’t know the cause of High Blood Pressure in children. They call it “essentialhypertension.

Apparently, they find it “essential” to drug even children now, at younger and younger ages.

Instead of dreaming up reasons to sell more dangerous and health damaging drugs, why don’t they identify the ROOT CAUSE of this intolerable High Blood Pressure trend, like inflammation?

I’ll tell you why, because the truth would shake the very foundation of the Standard American Diet (SAD). Also, because fast food, junk foods and sugary carbonated drinks would be demonized as bad, like cigarettes were — and rightly so!

I find it unacceptable that children are falling prey to the side effects of a fast food nation. High Blood Pressure is caused from inflammation and inflammation has very identifiable indicators and causes.

  1. Eating refined sugar for one.
  2. Eating refined salt for another.
  3. Eating refined flour is a third.
  4. Eating too much omega 6 rich corn oils like Canola, hydrogenated and corn oil is a fourth cause.
  5. Eliminating gym and art class is a good fifth but indirect cause…and the list goes on.

I bet I could list 6 to 12 causes of inflammation, or High Blood Pressure, if I wanted to. I am not a doctor, but I am a father. Anyone can see if they look. The “cause and effect link” is no mystery. So, why all the malarkey about unknown etiologies (causes)?

Read on . . .

They’re trying to pull a fast one on the American public again. If some doctor tells you your High Blood Pressure is inherited, fire them on the spot.

One of the biggest lies there is, and there are some whoppers out there today, is that High Blood Pressure is genetic and unavoidable. That is a blatant attempt to frighten people into taking drugs as a solution.

That’s what I call pure BS.

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