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This is Joe Barton and if you’re frustrated by stubborn IBS and everything you’ve tried seems to have failed—then it’s time you found a real solution.

Barton Publishing has been providing effective solutions to some of the most stubborn health care challenges of our time . . . IBS being one of them.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome covers such a broad spectrum of symptoms that many physicians have trouble even prescribing drugs. Even though drugs are designed to block symptoms like those IBS sufferers have, there are just too many IBS symptoms. Plus, there is the added danger of contraindications between drugs which more often than not add more problems than they are intended to resolve.

My IBS Natural Remedy Report targets the root cause of your irritable bowel syndrome and goes beyond just covering up the IBS symptoms.

The information I’ve released with my IBS Remedy Report helps alleviate your pain and suffering by identifying common ingredients that nurture your health at the cellular level, which is the key to its success.

You see main stream medicine has no intensions of educating you to make wiser decisions. The fact is there are inexpensive health solutions and natural remedies for every ailment known to mankind and if word of mouth gets around, the disease management industry would fall on its face in no time.

Yes, there is a smoke and mirrors circus going on out there and it’s controlled through the media by big money and it is a shame. Frankly, it is a crime against humanity. You should know IBS is not a life sentence.

Leading independent medical researchers know the cause of irritable bowel syndrome is “lack of cellular health.” They also know there is a vital connection between the brain and the intestines, AKA the enteric system.

Your enteric system is in essence like a larger brain made of the same nerve cells that send and receive impulses, record experiences and respond to emotion. Your “irritated bowels” as it were, are also influenced by the same neurotransmitter(s), which means your brain can irritate your bowels, just as your bowels can irritate your brain.

The origin of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is found in the intestinal nervous system, or the gut’s brain. Imagine, your enteric nervous system actually mirrors your central nervous system–your body literally has its own built-in intelligence. Dr. Michael Gershon, professor of anatomy and cell biology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical center in New York is one of the founders of a new field of medicine called, “neurogastroenterology.”

My IBS Natural Remedy Report is in easy, simple to follow language, so you don’t need to know all of the science behind it. Bottom line is Irritable Bowel Syndrome is NOT a drug deficiency. My IBS Remedy Report helps you nurture the 100,000,000 neurons in your intestinal system. These control feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, norephinephrine, enkephalin endorphins and nitric oxide.

There are also 24 brain proteins found in your bowels called neuropeptides which are the major cells of your immune system. Basically, you can learn how to tap into your body’s second brain/nervous system like an independent electrical circuitry, by using natural principles and common food sourced nutrients to revitalize your cellular health.

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