Improve Your Memory By 47%? 

(And You Can Do It Now!)

If you’ve ever wondered why it becomes harder to recall names, dates, and figures with every passing year, I have news of an important new discovery out of Asia to share with you right now.

acetylcholine-agingUntil now, you could take steps to help protect your brain from aging, but nothing could dramatically improve your memory, your thinking – even your intelligence – and give you results that you can see and feel in a matter of weeks …

But recent news of an important “brain factor” is revitalizing areas of the brain you need to remember names, faces, dates – everything that is precious to you!

Imagine if you could reap benefits like these …

  • Remember and Share Precious Memories With Friends. Results from the Korean National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (like the US Department of Agriculture) show this brain factor dramatically shortens the time it takes to recall a word or a name.
  • Enjoy the Mental Edge of a Young Person at Work or Play. This brain factor has been shown to improve your IQ and Memory Quotient Scores in research from Seoul’s National University College of Medicine – the most prestigious university in all of Korea.
  • Provides Clear, Confident Thinking for Years To Come. This brain factor is documented to improve your brain’s ability to process new information – boosting it by more than a third in just 3 weeks.

No drug, no antioxidant, no omega-3 fatty acid – no “brain herb” like ginkgo can achieve results like this.

That’s because none of them come close to this brain factor when it comes to solving the most common cause of sluggish thinking and memory loss.

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PS: On the following page, you’ll have an opportunity to take the exact same test used in these double-blind placebo-controlled studies, so you can see for yourself.

This test, developed by researchers at the Mayo Clinic, has been proven 96% accurate in predicting memory loss over the next decade.

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