Here’s what you need to do before curing your hearing loss.

You would be surprised by how many people suffering from hearing loss simply have a build-up of ear wax set against their ear drum. That’s why it’s vital to first have an ear doctor make sure everything is normal, clear of obstructions and disease.

A great remedy for softening hardened ear wax before seeing an ear doctor is to mix a small solution of extra virgin olive oil with a few drops of food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Mix it up and lie down on one side.
  2. Pour the room temperature oil and peroxide blend in the exposed ear canal. You’ll probably hear it bubbling as the mixture softens the wax, while the oil soothes your ear.
  3. Wait about 10 minutes.
  4. Turn over on a thick towel and let your ear drain while treating the opposite ear with the oil mixture.
  5. When you’re done draining the first ear, turn over on the towel and let the second ear drain.

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Now you’re ready to have a doctor flush out the wax from the inner ear you’ve just softened. I’ve seen ear wax get as hard as a rock, so this is a good thing to do before having the doctor rinse and scrape that old wax plug out.

NOTE:  If you have a history of any kind of ear infection or a hole in your ear drum, do not put ANYTHING in your ear. Seek the care of your doctor to soften hardened ear wax.

Once you know your ear is clear and you’re free of infection and physical abnormalities, you’ll want a hearing test, especially if you’re over 50 years or if you’ve worked for more than 2 years in a noisy environment.

If you go to a “hearing aid clinic” you may even get a hearing test for free.

The most common hearing loss is considered incurable, but only from a medical point of view. With this perspective, there is no surgery or drug therapy that can improve hearing loss. They call it “nerve loss” and it affects probably about 80% of all people past 50 years of age.

Nerve loss is caused from the thinning of inner ear hair cells.

These microscopic hair cells appear to die, but often they simply suffer from a lack of nutrient rich blood flowing to them.

That’s why aspirin causes hearing loss. It draws oxygen and nutrient rich blood away from the inner ear and into the stomach.

There is new research that is focusing on healthy blood flow. By restoring healthy blood flow to these “inner hair-like nerve cells,” many people are finding nerve loss isn’t so permanent. Even if you can’t expect a total recovery of your hearing, any improvement using natural means would be of a benefit.

China claims they’ve been curing thousands of cases of nerve loss with what’s called “Regenerative Theory,” which applies acupuncture. I’ve personally worked with an M.D. using a combination of nutrition and electro-acupuncture to stimulate inner ear hair cell growth that seems to work for some people.

There’s even emerging evidence that foods high in antioxidants may offer help in restoring hearing, as well.

Bottom line is not to mope. There is always hope!

P.S. Studies show detoxifying your blood and cellular tissue makes nutrients more effective. As with most any disease, address the root cause first.