Do you have herpes?

The reason for my concern is because according to the Herpes Clinic & Institute For Better Health 1 out of 4 adults have herpes and every 30 seconds another person
contracts the virus…

The scary part is that the vast majority (80-90%) of people who have herpes have NOT been diagnosed with the condition.

It is predicted that if herpes continues to spread at the current rate nearly 1/2 the adult population will eventually have the herpes virus.

If you even think you have symptoms of herpes OR if you have ever engaged in activities that put you at high risk, I strongly recommend you use 'The Herpes Cure Guide' to help determine if you have herpes… and if you do, use the proven home cures to stop herpes BEFORE it starts.

Herpes is actually a disease of under nutrition… It is one of the symptoms of a mineral and nutrient deficiency. Key minerals and nutrients are essential in the biosynthesis of proteins, production of thymulin and interferon which are vital for a strong immune system.

When minerals and nutrients are deficient your body is vulnerable to viral attacks. Truth is there are many hidden cures and remedies that have a similar mineral and nutrient matrix and all of them come from plants.

You can live without herpes, by discovering how to read the living pages of Mama Nature. For in everything that grows you can find a healing connection, an inner intelligence a beneficial attribute that follows natural principles . . . within the grasses, in the trees and most of all within your body.

The latest cutting edge science has proven the existence of these “hidden connections.” Even in modernized countries the diseases of under nutrition are everywhere.

By finding a natural balance with diet, lifestyle, and attitude you can turn your health around and you can surely naturally prevent herpes outbreaks.

Understand this . . . herpes is NOT a drug deficiency. Fact is most medicine prescribed cames from herbs. Modern medicine merely synthesizes and isolates the active ingredients in these herbs and patents them so that they can be sold in a more expensive, potent, & dangerous form.

A herpes virus has a programmed nature as well, but it can only thrive in a weakened immune system. By simply restoring cellular communication levels and nurturing cellular health with food you can drive herpes out of your body, for good.

You should already know using conventional medicine has failed to cure herpes and it has certainly failed to stop the spread of the virus…

Yes, you could choose to live with herpes and eventually you may adjust to the chemical effects of the treatments. That’s the power of choice that you have. However, sometimes it takes more effort and resources to fail, than it does to succeed.

Tomorrow you will either be healthier and at less risk than today, or you won't be. Weak cells reproduce weak cells and strong cells make strong cells . . . what cells your body makes is up to you.

Make yourself the author of your own life, discover how to take control of herpes and never let go again . . . nothing is more valuable than the right knowledge balance, with the will to use it.

I encourage you to take a few minutes of your time right now to read the 'The Herpes Cure Guide' by using the link below:

Remember, it's estimated that 80-90% of people with herpes are NOT diagnosed with the virus. You can do your part to help slow the spread by determining if YOU have herpes… and by stopping your outbreaks, if you do.