We all know that if you want to lose some of those unwanted pounds, then we cut out dessert. Hallelujah!  There is now research that shows eating dessert can actually help you keep stubborn weight off!

Now, before you grab your wallet and head out for a donut, good health still means you have to watch your dessert intake.  Too many cakes, cookies or other sweet treats can do more damage than good if over eaten.  But, if desserts are eaten for breakfast, you may actually be able to keep of lost weight!  Go figure! (Pun intended!)

What researchers discovered was that people who ate a high protein, high carbohydrate breakfast that included dessert, were less hungry throughout the day and were more able to keep off lost weight. Those

who ate a low calorie breakfast were not as likely to keep off the weight that they worked so hard to lose.

Dessert for Breakfast?

The best diets don’t concentrate solely on weight loss, but on reducing hunger and food cravings. The crazy thing is, that is why desserts seem to work at breakfast. Doctors warn against obesity, especially with overindulgence of desserts, but this latest study is worth considering for weight loss and weight control.

The breakfast research conducted by Tel Aviv University’s Wolfson Medical Center, monitored 200 non-diabetic obese adults split into 2 groups:

  • One group ate breakfast with a dessert.
  • One group ate breakfast with low carbohydrates.

Both groups lost an average of 30 pounds each after four months. However, after an additional four mouths, what you ate for breakfast made a huge difference in how much weight was lost or gained.

  • The low carb group GAINED about 22 pounds each.
  • The breakfast dessert group LOST an average of 15 pounds each.

What’s even better, is that the breakfast dessert group didn’t even have hunger pains or crave food for the rest of the day! They felt more satisfied and were less likely to snack between meals or overeat big meals. Good news, indeed!!

There are some skeptics to this theory of eating dessert for breakfast. Nutritional researchers at New York University say consuming desserts actually trigger additional food cravings – you can’t just eat 1 donut!

Nutritionists and dieticians say you still want to steer away from trans-fats like donuts, cakes, and cookies. Incorporate fruits and grains with a sweet flavor into your meals. This approach will go a long way in reducing your risk of obesity.

Breakfast Metabolism and Hormonal Influence 

Previous medical research has proven that consuming the majority of your calories in the morning is better for your health, rather than reserving high calorie intake for later in the day. The body simply starts the day with a revved up metabolism, able to work off any extra calories in the morning. Breakfast also regulates gherlin,  which is the hormone that increases hunger. Ghrelin rises before every meal, but is suppressed most at breakfast time. You may know many people who skip breakfast because they aren’t hungry in the morning. Scientifically, if you pass on your morning breakfast, there will be an increase of ghrelin released from the stomach into the blood leading to craving foods high in calories throughout the day.

It is hard to believe that eating dessert for breakfast may actually help keep off the pounds, especially when we’ve been told over and over again to choose fruits over dessert for weight loss. However, many physicians who have had an opportunity to review the latest evidence say breakfast desserts do make sense; that there is a place for every kind of food as long as quantities are closely monitored.

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