November’s Home Cures That Work
Topic Alzheimer’s Disease

The picturesque outdoors is framed by my living room windows; colors deep delivering a message of change. Brisk walks are welcome, but followed by indoor quiet time trims the edges of transition within.

Loving fall, but winter’s challenges draws near. The temptation to ready myself for grey skies, icy roads and bundling only distracts from the beauty of my favorite season.  But, borrowing trouble – like approaching winter – before it happens only makes us live through the problem twice – first in our heads and then, if what we are thinking about happens, again in reality.

The worries of Alzheimer’s can borrow trouble by dreading the time when someone you love will need more care, care that can become overwhelming, followed by a time to move into a nursing home.  This is counterproductive trouble, though the research and planning might be necessary.

This issue of Home Cures That Work on Alzheimer’s Disease will help you let go of borrowing trouble and enjoying what you have now. The research is done for you and we’ve laid out the plan to be the help you need.

The Personal Alzheimer’s Protection Plan, Straight From The Doctor Himself:

The Diet to Keep Your Memory and Mind Smart:

How to Jog Your Memory and Not Forget!

The Power of Imagination and Arts in Healing:

You can cope with the future when it comes. Keep this issue of Home Cures That Work on Alzheimer’s Disease for when you need it.

P.S. Take care of yourselves by not borrowing trouble! Enjoy today, make time for memories and gain wisdom for tomorrow with this month’s Home Cures That Work on Alzheimer’s Disease: