Every day, we here at Barton Publishing receive feedback, testimonials, and success stories from customers that remind us of why we’re in the natural health business.

We are truly blessed to hear life-changing stories from people who are gaining freedom from several years of pain and health problems.

Below are just a few examples of the thousands of people that have used one or more of our natural remedies available at www.BartonPublishing.com for their natural health care.


“Hi, For the past ten years I have experienced frequent  heartburn pain. I put it down to my introduction to alcohol when I was 16 – 17; I am 28 now. Moreover, for considerable periods I have taken all kinds of drugs, from ranitidine to omeprazole medication / lansoprazole. I even tried acupuncture for a few months and while this certainly helped, my symptoms returned  as soon as I stopped!

I obtained my copy of the Reflux Remedy Report last week  and I have to report this to you…

Having read about the beneficial effects of [secret ingredient] I bought some pure acacia [secret ingredient] (the stuff which comes in a jar with a big wedge of honeycomb in it). For just two days I took 1 tsp of this [secret ingredient] at night and 1 in the morning. I have also cut out fresh fruit juice and citrus fruits.

I almost cannot believe it, but apart from a very rare hint of heat in my gullet I have not suffered heartburn since…without taking any medicine!

It is incredible that I had suffered for years and invested so much trust in that the medical profession should have my health’s best interest at heart by making me believe that potentially harmful long-term drug dependency was the best  thing for me. Now I feel liberated; I can even drink coffee and alcohol (in moderation, of course, which is important!)

Thank you God! Whoopie-doo!”


http://www.BloodPressureNormalized.com/special.htmlThe High Blood Pressure Remedy Report

“After just a week, using the knowledge I received from the report, my blood pressure went from 158/118 to 128/92. I check it every day at the local pharmacy and I couldn’t be more happy with the feeling that I am in control of it and can keep doing my job safely now.

Thank you so much Barton Publishing. Getting the people information to help them live life healthier at a reasonable price is a high calling and you have answered that calling for me.”

~ Denis Provost


“Hey Joe!

I have successfully remained UTI-free ever since I purchased your wonderful report and took advantage of the great advice your report offered. I purchased a product called USNEA UVA URSI and treated my bladder infection for two days. I went to my doctor a few days later to make sure it worked and it
did! There was no trace of a bladder infection.

Ever since then, I take [key ingredient] twice a day, drink plenty of water throughout the day and I take a [herbal supplement] capsule every morning and at night I drink a little (about 3 oz.) natural unsweetened [special] juice mixed with an equal amount of pure grape or pure apple juice since it’s impossible for me to drink the unsweetened [special] juice straight (way too bitter for me). I also take Echinacea now.

I feel like I’m on the right path to prevent any future UTIs.

Thanks for your concern, Joe.”

~ Marilyn

The Kidney Stone ReportKIDNEY STONES
(This one is awesome…)

“Dear Joe,

Sure had my doubts about ordering your product from www.getridofkidneystones.com … sounded like some kind of Snake Oil Sales.

However, I just went through a 5 day stay in the hospital where I was in dire pain with what the doctor said was a 4×6 mm sized kidney stone, they went in with a camera and whatever else they could shove in there, but were unsuccessful in retrieving the stone. They said it was enveloped in the swelling in the ureter and could not get it out safely. I went home after days and over $50,000.00 in total bills. I was to go back in 4 weeks and 4 days to test again & was scheduled for a second attempt at removal.

I searched the internet (Google, of course) and found your website. Sounded too good to be true & you know what they say…if it sounds like that, it probably is.

I have been trying to flush out that stone for over a month with not the slightest bit of luck or relief from the pain.

So, I said to myself, let’s give this guy a try…why not?  He guarantees it to work.

This morning at 9:30 A.M. I started my [secret ingredient] swilling…took me almost the entire 2 hours, but finished and ate my puree.

That was at 11:30. Of course, the next two hours were spent very close to the bathroom and I strained everything looking for some signs of a stone, sand or pebbles. Nope!

Then at 11:45, I heard a clunk in the plastic urinal but felt nothing! No pain at all!

And, there it was…a nasty looking, pyramid shaped, crystal like black stone measuring just what the Doctor said it would look like. I don’t know why there was no pain but there wasn’t.

I go in tomorrow with my stone but I know that the surgery will not have to happen.

Thank you! I only wish I had heard of your program a long time ago as this was my third (& hopefully, last) stone ever.”


~ Arnie

Yeast Infection Remedy ReportYEAST INFECTIONS

“After years of ongoing yeast infections and costly medical bills I came across your website.

I was very skeptical and could not believe that there was a fast and effective way to cure yeast infections from home.

This was my last resort because I had tried everything and you also offered a great guarantee so I had nothing to lose.

I started your remedy very early in the morning and felt immense soothing relief within around 3 hours of starting your at home formula.

I was totally cured at around the 8th hour mark and was shocked to see how great this worked!

I have been free of Yeast Infections for over 2 weeks now!”

~ Linda Charles

HEARTBURN & ACID REFLUX REMEDYHeartburn, Acid Reflux & Hiatal Hernia Remedy Report

“I saw your page on the internet last year about the acid reflux remedy. My husband was taking Prilosec, Reglan & the latest was Nexium. I was very skeptical about it & so was my  husband. He started following the remedy after I downloaded it. That was last summer. Knock on wood, he hasn’t had any symptoms since then. He stopped taking Nexium altogether. Thanks for making that treatment available. Why take medications that have a lot of side effects when you can stop the ailment in its’ tracks with natural ingredients that you can get from the supermarket.”

~ Eugenia


http://www.BloodPressureNormalized.com/special.htmlThe High Blood Pressure Remedy Report

“When I bought your report last week, my BP was 159/95; now it’s down to 143/83, and lowering each day.

Your report has been a great help – taking all the mystique out of the doctors’ mumbo jumbo and clarifying what BP actually is! I was pleasantly surprised how beautifully written, clear, concise and totally helpful it is! Words cannot express the sense of gratitude I have for your work and I’m sure I am not alone in thanking you and wishing you every success.

I’ve already recommended your report to my friends.”

~ Ita Walsh


I just wanted to share some of these success stories to give  you hope and confidence that you, too, can overcome your own personal health challenges naturally by taking action with our home health remedies!

We are truly thankful that a small company like us can play such a big role in helping people in major ways!

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