One thing is certain.  You can expect uncertainty.  But, will you view uncertainty as an adventure?  Surviving uncertainty, it seems, is a normal part of being alive and being human. So, why are we so surprised when the world turns out to be unpredictable? Uncertainty is scary. I just disagree with that it leaves us with nothing to do but wait.

Being certain about survival is what our October’s issue of Home Cures That Work is all about. How this plays out in real life will look very different for different people. A survivor could just be lucky.  It could be about a survival kit. Surviving could come down to skills. Could survival be as simple as something you carry in your pocket?

Medical supplies are an essential part of survival. Put the medical instruments in the hands of the best “surgeon” available, just like you would put the best knife in the hands of the best hunter available.  For survival, you need a knife and a great one at that. Spend your money wisely to plan well and you will find yourselves much better off.

You are going to need these 10 lifesavers <—The “Bear” Essentials

For times of emergency, we have all heard the admonition, “You need to have a well-stocked first aid kit!” But, what exactly does “well-stocked” mean? Your survival kit may look different, but should generally include most of these items. Start investing in survival kits with more than just band-aids.

No stitches? No problem! <-Are over the counter drugs worth stockpiling?

Now, let’s imagine the end of the world as we know it: nuclear war, economic collapse, zombie apocalypse.  Whatever disaster happens, the event wipes out the retail supply chain, health care services, coffee shops (take a deep breath…this is just an experiment), communication systems and the power grid.  Let’s hope you survived so you can grab your kids and drive to a safe house in the country.

But, what if that is not you?  You are no country bumpkin, but a die-hard suburbanite.  You love your air conditioner, have just enough food in the cupboard to make it to the next paycheck and your mini-van is not armor proof. So, when the end of the world hits, will you survive?

Is Your Family Prepared For Urban Survival? <–Learn Insider Secrets To Survive Disaster

You can sleep soundly and face uncertainty with the knowledge
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