If prostate cancer was detected early, via PSA tests, treatment could begin earlier, and lives would be saved – right? Wrong!  Even with the increased screening, the mortality rates from prostate cancer have not decreased.  In fact, you may better off if prostate cancer is never diagnosed, since it is most likely that the side effects experienced from the treatment are not balanced by an increase in life span.

You mean people are getting unnecessary medicals test that cost a ton of money?  It’s true. Prostate cancer screening in general is flawed, but it is big business and the business of medicine trumps science because of the money to be made.

Still, are there sound reasons to skip these screenings altogether? You decide…

I offer a strategy to you: Be proactive – reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Practice prevention as your best defense again prostate problems. Reports come out all the time highlighting the benefits of prevention.  This month’s issue of Home Cures That Work is one of them.

Think about it. What would you rather do? Eat your fruits and veggies or get stuck with a needle in a place where no needle should ever be—eek! Avoiding prostate cancer and dying prematurely is not that hard! Home Cures That Work will help you become a super man. 🙂

P.S. There is more you can do to disease-proof your body. The Home Cures That Work archive has many other valuable natural remedy issues in the archive section for members only:



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