This past weekend I started coming down with a bit of a sinus infection. It didn't hit me full force until yesterday… and then today I woke up with a sore throat, burning chest (from coughing), and more nasal congestion.

Enough was enough – It was time for me to take action!

In the past, when I would get a sinus infection, my doctor would prescribe antibiotics – and within a few days, things would clear up. But, with the latest research on antibiotics, and the risks involved, I decided this time I would find and use a natural remedy.

Enter Apple Cider Vinegar.

After doing a few hours research online, I found a remedy that we've used before to help cure other ailments – ACV.

So this morning I took 2 tablespoons of ACV, 1 tablespoon of raw liquid honey, and 8 ounces of water – microwaved it for 1 minute, and drank it down. I don't recommend this concoction during a romantic dinner for 2… but for sinus infections, it helps a lot!

Then, I found another remedy that worked for others – boiling 1/2 cup of water with 1/8 cup of ACV – and inhaling the steam. Be careful with this… I put a towel over my head to capture the steam – but you don't want to get too close, and you probably want to keep your eyes and mouth closed.

This ACV-steam remedy really seemed to help fast. It took about 1 minute for it to start boiling, and then within another minu

te I had inhaled all I could stand. This also worked well to loosen up phlegm and produce some good coughs. The odor is pretty strong and unpleasant, but it really helped loosen things up and thin out mucous – which is key in overcoming a sinus infection.

Another thing I found was a link between sinus infections and eating ice cream! Many others have experienced this correlation – eat ice cream, get a sinus infection.

I've been eating quite a bit of ice cream over the past week. I do think there's a link.

So today I'm starting a no-dairy diet for a week, to see if that helps. So far, I'm getting better.

And, this dairy link isn't too surprising after I studied the blood-type diet. I'm O-positive blood type, and one of the main culprits for allergies is dairy, and then wheat (gluten).

I wanted to share this with you in case you or someone you love is suffering from a sinus infection. Give the above remedy a try and see if it helps! And let me know by commenting on this blog!

Yours for excellent health,


p.s. I'm pretty sure the cold shower therapy didn't have anything to do with me getting a sinus infection! 🙂

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