Did you know the Swine flu vaccine triggers your immune response by faking a real viral attack? Manufacturers of the Swine Flu vaccines attenuate, or weaken, the Swine flu virus (H1N1), so its attack is not as powerful as the fully alive Swine flu virus (H1N1). The idea is this faux attack will somehow prepare your body for the real attack by introducing the Swine flu virus (H1N1) vaccine to your body before you are fully exposed.

Sounds all logical and all, doesn’t it? Not a bad sales pitch really; it almost had me sold down the river, too.

The fact is the real marauding H1N1 virus will naturally be much stronger than an attenuated one. But, that’s only one of many scientific reasons why the Swine /Avian flu vaccine for the H1N1 virus is NOT a dependable defense.

Here are 5 reasons Big Pharma hopes you don’t have:

  1. All vaccines have harmful effects. Historically, existing vaccine side effects are worse than the problem they’re supposed to solve. Find out about adjuvants, preservatives and other harmful ingredients first.
  2. Zero scientific proof ANY vaccine has ever prevented anything ever. Diseases naturally vanish when quality of life, hygiene and nutrition improve. However, there is evidence vaccines keep disease around longer.
  3. No immunity can develop when your immune system is currently busy with any other issue, even the common cold.
  4. No unvaccinated person would be contagious to any vaccinated person IF vaccines really worked.
  5. A vaccinated person may be a higher risk of being contagious than an uninfected person. Scientific studies show pieces of the “weakened” vaccine virus break away, or shed, and can revive in full strength later. Mass vaccinations spread disease!

Now that you have 5 reasons NOT to be injected with a “weakened” version of the Swine flu/Avian flu vaccine, you may better understand why Governments around the world have made manufactures exempt from being sued for damages.

The World Agencies like the World Health Organization are vested in Big Pharma profits and causing a pandemic will fatten their wallet, that’s why they’re exempt from liability. They expect vaccine side effects and damages, human damages.

Why volunteer for the world’s largest blind placebo experiment?

Instead, learn how to stay close to your source of original genetic homeostasis. Intelligent design refers to the living energy fields which regulate and sustain you. When you nurture natural structure and function you are shielded from viral infection and disease.

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