This past week, I received an email from a customer of the Reflux Remedy Report… and we may have uncovered a link to depression from a common acid reflux drug – Tagamet.

This doesn't surprise me one bit… in fact, I'm sure it's not the only drug to cause serious side effects.

Notice this gal was ready to commit suicide… until she quit taking this drug.

Here's the email:


Because the help you gave me for my acid reflux, I feel it is very important to tell you a story about depression and my acid reflux. When I first started with my stomach problems, Some twenty years ago, my Doctor put me on some medication. It was called Tagamet. It helped my stomach and my reflux got a lot better as a matter of fact it was gone. What a relieve to be pain free. I don't quite know when, but I got really depressed, really really depressed. I was so depressed that I was thinking about suicide, a lot. I was having a horrible day I was on antidepressants, I had tried several to over come the pain that comes with depression. I think this was the day I could have just taken myself out of the game. I am LDS so I was doing some serious praying that day for God to help me get through the day. I was in real bad shape, I was taking Nardel, another antidepressant on a list of many. And wasn't doing well at all.

Our power went out when a very large transformer i

n our yard blew out. So the Power Company had to send out several repair man A very sweet very big man came to the door and told me what was going on and that the power would be out for several hours. I had two small children it was winter and it was very cold. So because of my depression I burst into tears. The man asked are you OK. I don't know why but I told this man that I was very depressed and I just wanted to die. This man said to me “you aren't on Tagamet by chance are you”! Through my sobbing I said Yes, Yes I am and he said “get off it”! This man gave me a hug and told me to get on Zantac. I flushed the Tagament down the Toilet and the Nardel and have not had a drop of depression since. So, my story means check if you medication is causing you horrible depression because it can be caused by that and you might even know it. And then your doctor just gives you more to mask the problems form your medications. We all know now the horrible side affects, listen to the lists on T.V. Commercials now. Back then we didn't question the Doctor or medications.

I hope my story can help one person. I believe my prayers were answered, God sent me an angel that day, via a power company employee, I hope I can be somebody's angel too.

Thanks Again,

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Yours for excellent natural health,