If you have Restless Leg Syndrome in which throbbing, numbness and lightening stabs of pain are only relieved by movement or local massage… or if “tingling, creeping and jerking” leave you up at night, then you might want to know about this the home remedy!

We’ve figured out how to rescue you from things like pacing the halls, standing at the back of the theater or walking to the water cooler many times throughout the day.

The natural treatments in our Home Cures That Work edition on Restless Leg Syndrome explain the healthy alternatives that will help you avoid the common side effects of over the counter RLS drugs such as dizziness, sleep apnea and risk of addiction.

Our “house” doctor Scott Saunders M.D., explains the exact balance of nutrients and minerals to help your tired muscles relax from twitching and leg cramping.  Furthermore, the time-tested tips and tricks that help the body heal on it’s own and promote a restful night sleep are handed to you in a complete guide to relieving RLS symptoms.

After you read this guide, you’ll be empowered to avoid unnecessary doctor fees, as well as:

  • Enjoy a peaceful rest with this 1 supplement
  • Strengthen the leg you stand on with specific nurturing
  • Position yourself at the first line of defense against worsening symptoms
  • Maintain the proper diet and lifestyle for proper nerve and muscle function
  • Resist the RLS “twitch and itch” with a simple “magic” remedy

One nurse even wrote in and said she had heard of this “magic” remedy for years but finally decided to try it after reading our Home Cures That Work RLS issue, and to her delight she has not had any leg cramps since! One woman even convinced her husband to try it and they have never looked back!

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Don’t wake up another morning exhausted from restless legs cramping your sleeping style! RLS may be a simple condition with complex causes, but the remedy is easy!  This valuable, detailed and actionable issue is guaranteed to end your restless leg syndrome. Send yourself into remission and get the full relief you are looking for!


Cheryl Inghram
Editor, Home Cures That Work

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