Stick out your tongue!” The doctor uses this to diagnosis an ill patient.  While this might be “old hand,” new research is proving the tongue is an accurate preventative and treatable diagnosis tool with serious validity. The state and color of your tongue is a pretty good indicator of what is going on inside your body. It might not necessarily be a traditional way to predict your health, but it can provide an accurate picture of future health.

Naturopaths and Chinese Medicine or other alternative therapies have credited tongue color diagnosis, though main stream medicine is still skeptical of the idea.

Tongue Color Diagnosis is Great for Prevention

Generally, the tongue of a healthy person has a pink hue and has a light coating. But, as soon as your tongue changes color or texture, there is usually a change of health and a large range of issues to diagnose. Below is an idea of what the tongue says about your health.

If Your Tongue is Pale…

Then your blood may be lacking in hemoglobin. Naturopaths who see the tongue turn a pale color recognize the signs of low iron-containing protein in red blood cells, which leads to feeling overtired and lethargic.

If Your Tongue is Bright Red…

Then you may be lacking in certain nutrients. Experts indicate that a tongue that is bright and reddish in color can indicate you are lacking in iron, one of the main culprits of a red tongue, which is essential for the formation of red blood cells.

If Your Tongue is Purple…

Then you could have high cholesterol! Research concludes the link between a purple tongue and high cholesterol, so start natural remedies for cholesterol as soon as possible! In addition, naturopaths connect a purple tongue with bronchitis, which cuts down on how much oxygen gets into your


While it could be a good starting point for treatment, or awareness that can act as a preventative, tongue color diagnosis won’t be your sole assessment method, but it could help to give people an idea of the status of their health.

Now, “Say, Ahhhh…”

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