Vitamins and Home Cures That Work

What is the Best Way To Get Vitamins?

Trying to follow all the studies on vitamins and health can make your head swirl. But, when it’s all boiled down, the take–home message is actually pretty simple: it’s better to get your vitamins from food instead of pills.

Dirt poor. Might describe your bank account. Or it might describe the immense problem in soil decline. As long as our earth is managed to create higher yields, soils will continue to decline…and you pay the price. Fruits and vegetables have become bigger in size, richer in color and more resistant to pests, but they have less nutritional value than they did 50 years ago. You would have to eat 8 oranges today to get the same amount of vitamin A as our grandparents would have gotten from 1. What can be done? Don’t purchase these groceries that are empty calories and making you fat.

Even if you’ve ever taken notice of your diet, then you are probably familiar with the Recommended Daily Allowance, or RDA. The RDA was developed in the 1940s as an overall guideline to help a person meet their nutritional requirements. But the concept of health today includes much more than diet and nutrition.

In addition to our focus on the body, today we understand that health also involves the mind and spirit. Most of us realize that vitamins and minerals are essential for good physical health, but do you know how much RDA your spiritual body needs? Give your soul proper nutrition with Soul Food: Your Spiritual RDA.

Most people fall far short of meeting their antioxidant RDA to combat the free radical damage occurring in their bodies. Certain antioxidants may play a greater role in preventing certain diseases, such as cancers, while others are better at combating neurodegenerative conditions. Together, the mix is good for your health. To help prevent heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses, it only makes sense to add antioxidant supplements to your body’s defenses. How to reach your daily antioxidant RDA and power your innate healing system.

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How to Eat Vitamins

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