• Real Reasons digestion issuesIf you’re sick of chest pains and heartburns…
  • Difficulty in swallowing simple foods…
  • Unbearable nights of fighting sleep…
  • And you’re wondering why nothing you do or try seems to help (like antacids, eating better and quitting your favorite foods)…

I’d encourage you to watch this special webinar presentation to find out what the “real reasons” are behind your digestion issues

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I recently met someone who’s doing amazing work in the health space.

His name is Dr. Richard DiCenso and he’s the co-founder of Optimal Wellness Labs.

What he and his team are doing is unbelievable.

I know that for sure because their work has helped nearly 5,000 Barton Publishing subscribers, many living with the pain of acid reflux and other digestive disorders.

They’ve rediscovered a medical technology (used by bio-engineers on the NASA Apollo missions during the late 60’s)… that can actually predict future symptoms.

What’s more — if your digestion issues are causing you to feel tired all the time, stressed out or you have ongoing chronic symptoms that just won’t go away…

This “evaluation process” can actually pinpoint the exact major organ or body system that’s causing it. You may think your digestion challenges are in your stomach… but have you ever thought about its “root cause”?

I’ll be hosting this extraordinary webinar event with Dr. Richard DiCenso, chronic symptom expert and developer of some of the most innovative, groundbreaking and effective drug-free treatments I’ve ever seen for people living with ACID REFLUX.

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They’ve already helped over 32,000 clients in 55 countries (many of them from the Barton Publishing community, including myself)

If you have something that comes back — over and over again — (like acid reflux, GERD or digestion issues)… you’ll want to see this presentation. It’s called the “Health Matrix” webinar. Together, Dr. DiCenso and I will pull back the curtain and show you…

  • The unusual “mix-and-match” game nearly all doctors play when diagnosing your health problems… and why you can never get better!>
  • Why the common reasons they use to explain your condition (e.g. “It’s because you’re old”, “it’s genetics” or “it’s your diet”)… is actually not true!
  • What the “Matrix Assessment Profile” is, and how it can pinpoint the exact organ or system in your body that’s causing your condition…>
  • And finally… how to get specific steps to rebalance your health that’s detailed, customized and personalized for you with just one simple evaluation process!

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