We have all experienced food cravings at some point in our lives.

  • Most women crave chocolate.
  • Men seem to crave meat, like a good steak.

Like many people, your life may revolve around either satisfying or suppressing your cravings – or even addiction. But, did you ever stop to consider that your body might be trying to tell you something?

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our daily diet.  Even fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in soil depleted of essential nutrients.  Some say eating 100% raw and organic will give you everything you need.  Although I support a raw diet, it is neither convenient nor affordable for most people. 

The Reason Behind the Craving 

So, what are your food cravings really telling you?  Here are a few of the most common cravings and the nutrients your body may need.

  1. Chocolate: Magnesium
  2. White Bread/Pasta: Chromium
  3. Chips: Chloride and Omega-3s
  4. Soda/Carbonated Drinks:  Calcium
  5. Coffee/Tea:  Sulfur, Iron, Salt, or Phosphorus
  6. Cheese:  Omega-3s

The list goes on and on of what your body needs when you crave specific foods. If you crave something not on the list, a quick internet search will help you find the nutrients your body is truly craving – in a healthy form.

One of the easiest ways to get your essential nutrients is to take a quality multivitamin.  Buying one at the local “Big Box” store won’t do.  Look for a whole food vitamin at your local health food store or even online.  My three favorite brands are New Chapter, Megafood, and Garden of Life.  I can assure you, you WILL feel a difference taking these nutrient rich, food based vitamins. Many times your food cravings will lessen or even disappear after just a few weeks on a multivitamin.

Enemy #1: Sugar

I purposely left out the most craved substance from the list above.  This is because it deserves much more attention.  Sugar is enemy number one!  Recent research has shown that this white substance is even more addicting than another white substance known as cocaine.

Sugar is much more complex than other food cravings.  There isn’t just one reason behind why you must have it.  A great many things can contribute to sugar cravings. For millions of Americans, this addiction is the leading cause of their health issues.  Whether it be diabetes, obesity, tooth decay — or even cancer — sugar robs you of your health!

The Reason Behind Your Craving

Most sugar addicts I meet have several health issues.  Typically, they are tired most of the day and don’t sleep well.  Many times they suffer with anxiety or depression.

There are several different issues that accompany sugar addictions.  I’ve listed below the most common problems below that I’ve run into. It is also not uncommon to have ALL of these at the same time!

  • Systemic Candida
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Insulin Resistance

Amazingly, all these conditions can be completely reversed!!  It is as simple as — you guessed it — QUIT EATING SUGAR!!  I know it’s easier said than done. But, if you can just buckle down and cut out “white” foods like sugar and refined carbs, your life will dramatically change!  Your energy levels will begin to come back and the extra weight will begin to start falling off!

The first week is usually the hardest.  However, if you are getting enough nutrients from good fat and quality protein, then you will get through much easier.

I am a living testimony! I used to live off carbs and had a sugar addiction.  I was absolutely exhausted all of the time.  My blood sugar was all over the map and my adrenal glands were fried.

When I overhauled my diet, my life changed.  I have more energy than ever! I eat more than ever and I weigh less than ever!

A couple of great low-carb diets to try are Dr. Mercola’s Grain Free Diet, The Primal Diet and the Paleo Diet.  These are all-natural diets that don’t rely on “fake food” and artificial ingredients like many low carb plans.

Where There is a Will There is a Way!

Find the willpower to step away from your food cravings and step into healthy eating and vitamins. You WILL see your life transform.  There is nothing truly like the taste of freedom!