Do you know what healthy people with flat bellies eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Do you know how long they exercise?

Do you know the “Penny Principle” that they live by?

Here are 7 surprising tidbits I’ve discovered in my research about flat-belly healthy people:

  1. They eat HUGE breakfasts!! In fact, they eat like KINGS!
  2. They certainly don’t starve themselves – at all!
  3. They don’t do any aerobic exercise!
  4. They didn’t take medications or get their stomachs stapled!
  5. They don’t eat “Low or Reduced Fat” foods!
  6. They’ve unlocked the original DNA source code that God intended for their body!
  7. They’ve figured out how to CRAVE healthy foods and HATE junk food!

And there are 20 more “weird” facts I’ve discovered in my research of flat-bellied people. Almost all of what I learned was the exact opposite of what you hear elsewhere.

You deserve to know what these healthy flat-belly facts are. You deserve to know the truth that will melt your Belly Flab!

If you’re tired of carrying extra baggage around your belly, then it’s time to learn what actually works for flat-belly-healthy-goodness.

That’s why we’ve put together a free video presentation that explains all “their” tiny-belly secrets, and tells you about the “Penny Principle” that wraps it all together like a big red velvety bow on a present

under the Christmas tree!

Click here to get a flat-belly like “them”

I’m not sure how long this free presentation will be available, because they won’t let me show it on Google or Facebook.

In fact, this link might not work anymore – because it’s got the potential to put those gurus out of business!

Watch it now before it’s too late.

Yours for excellent health & tiny bellies,

Joe Barton
Founder & CEO
Barton Publishing

P.S. These weird tips are exactly what me and my team at Barton Publishing used to melt away our own stubborn Belly Flab, and keep it off

for good! Check out what we did and click here.

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