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  • 15-minute belly bulge trick BANNED by Google

    9 July 2013
    Posted by Cheryl in: abs, diet, fat burning, Home Cures Daily, weight loss

    Like most of us, you’re probably ready to drop a few sluggish pounds, but not too happy about having to give up eating your favorite foods…

    …then you’re probably going to be as mad as a hornet like we were when you see that this odd 15 minute technique stumbled onto by a Michigan couple to cut down on stubborn flab like belly flab… has actually been BANNED BY GOOGLE!

    You’re going to be even more angry knowing this …

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  • 27 Natural Remedies for Flat Bellies

    26 November 2012
    Posted by Cheryl in: weight loss

    Do you know what healthy people with flat bellies eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

    Do you know how long they exercise?

    Do you know the “Penny Principle” that they live by?

    Here are 7 surprising tidbits I’ve discovered in my research about flat-belly healthy people:

    They eat HUGE breakfasts!! In fact, they eat like KINGS! They certainly don’t starve themselves – at all! They don’t do any aerobic exercise! They didn’t take medications or get their stomachs stapled! They…
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