Joe here.

I have an important favor to ask of you today.

Joe Barton RequestMaybe you have purchased a product from Barton Publishing, such as…

The Diabetes Solution Kit
Acid Reflux Solution Kit
The High Blood Pressure Solution Kit
Brain Health and Memory Kit

Or one of our other best-selling solutions.As you know…Our mission in life is to help you find the most effective home remedies to your health challenges. These are treatments that drug companies ignore because they can’t make money on them. This is the philosophy behind each and every one of our products atBarton Publishing.Unfortunately, what we haven’t done so well recently…

Is that I haven’t reached out to you to hear your stories…
And to see how else I can help you.You see…It’s YOU finding relief — your success stories — that energizes me to keep going.
To keep developing, improving and putting out better products to serve you.That’s why I’m reaching out to you today.

I’d like to see what successes you’ve had with our Barton Publishing products since becoming a customer of ours.What has changed in your life? How is it different?I’ve put together an online survey and would greatly appreciate you if you can just devote 10 short minutes of your busy life to answering it.

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Thank you!