by Joe Barton

We came up with a Core Purpose for Barton Publishing, a simple phrase that pinpoints what we’re all about.  Here it is:

Delivering Hope & Healing

Here’s what I like about it.


A a big part of our business is the fact that we deliver. We do so digitally and instantaneously for those who want it that fast. But we also deliver it with physical, tangible products. We also deliver emails on a daily basis that promote hope and healing.

Barton Publishing Delivering Hope and Healing v2Hope

Hope is a HUGE word in my life. I believe it’s fundamental to who I am and is engrained in my DNA. Hope for a better future – spiritually, relationally, financially, creatively, emotionally, and more. Hope is what we give people who’ve been suffering with pain and trauma. Young or old, rich or poor… there’s a lack of hope in this world. And our biggest source of hope is in God. We look forward to the hope of Heaven, where we will forever spend eternity with those we love in a place without pain and suffering. No more sorrow.


Healing comes a result of hope. Without hope (or vision), people perish. With hope, people thrive in health. That’s what we’re all about – showing people a future they maybe cannot see by themselves. Showing them a glimpse of a healthier self. I personally am motivated as I think about being active as a grandparent and great-grandparent… playing catch with my grandkids, swimming and being crazy in the pool, running up stairs without pain, and, of course, tickle fights. 🙂 So healing is the heartbeat of our Savior – He came and healed people who were sick in body, mind and heart. And we’re doing the same thing. We’re restoring beautiful things and playing a big part in God’s kingdom, being His hands and feet. Sharing helpful, truthful words of advice – and practicing what we preach, so that we can experience the benefits of health and healing ourselves.Fair Hills Crazy Bartons

I love this crazy picture on the deck at Fair Hills this summer! It was eye-opening to realize at that moment how many people are a part of Team Barton, as well as Wholetones. What a great group, a great week, and great memories to last a lifetime!