by Jessica Sanders

Juice cleanses nutritional supplements and… baking soda? There have been many claims in the past decades about alternative cancer treatments, many of which are supported by scientific claims and undisputable stories of triumph and hope. Baking soda, however, has not been studied by many medical professionals, and is only backed by a small group of people, like Mark Sircus, author of Sodium Bicrabonate—Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment.

However, the disapproval of this cancer curing method is made clear by many medical agencies including the American Cancer Society: “This claim is not supported by science or clinical evidence and is contrary to widely-accepted basic facts of oncology and microbiology.”

can baking soda heal cancerIf you’re feeling skeptical because of what western medicine has to gain by taking this stance, you’re not alone. “When a scientist has an effective and revolutionary idea, the medical institution attempts to suppress his work because he threatens the interests of the ruling class. No matter how effective the therapy in question is, their aim will be to destroy him,” says Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini.

Despite who or what you do or don’t believe, read the science, hear the story and decide for yourself.

The Baking Soda Basics

The most basic argument for the baking soda treatment falls into two realms:

1. Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, kills the yeast that some believe causes cancer in the first place—a yeast infection.

2. Baking soda increases your pH levels; some believe that cancer won’t grow if your body is between 7.0 and 7.5, a medium to high alkalinity. Still, the aim is to increase your levels to 8.0 or higher for 4 days straight. The science? “Cancer cells convert glucose to lactic acid, which lowers pH. The more cancer cells, the more lactic acid and the lower the pH,” according to

The Baking Soda Arguments

While many medical professionals will agree that baking soda has a variety of health benefits, they have put up a strong argument against its success in curing cancer. Here’s what the opposition says:

The fact is that there has never been a single study which has shown that an alkaline pH alone—no matter what the pH level may be—can cure cancer,” says Tony Isaacs, a natural health author. However, Isaacs does stress the importance of a high alkaline diet in cancer treatment, but questions whether it’s the nutrients, along with high alkaline foods (rather than just the alkaline pH), that treats the disease.

Other medical professionals find the methods downright dangerous. “Please also be aware that sodium bicarbonate presents metabolic risks for people with high blood pressure, patients with lung, heart or kidney diseases as well as for cancer patients. In no case is it advisable to take excess sodium on a regular basis,” says Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

It’s also important to note that nearly every argument for the baking soda treatment comes back to Dr. Simoncini, who discovered and advocated the treatment from the start. However, many claim he was stripped of his medical license.

The Baking Soda Success Story

Still there is one success story worth mentioning: In 2009, Natural News released the story of Vernon Johnson, a prostate cancer patient who was advised by his brother to take a non-conventional route to become healthy once again. While his brother originally recommended a Cesium treatment, Johnson tried the baking soda treatment and, as of 2013, has been cancer free for five years.

While Johnson did take a daily baking soda treatment, he supplemented with a high alkaline diet, along with mineral and vitamin supplements.

Alternative medicine continually proves to be a valuable option for those who don’t believe in the western practices, yet it’s not clear whether a diet of baking soda alone will help cure cancer. In Johnson’s case, a supplemental high-alkaline diet, along with other mineral and vitamin supplements likely worked together to bring him into remission.

With so much missing information and debate in the medical world, it’s safe to say you should speak with your doctor or a holistic practitioner before following any strict baking soda regiment.

What alternative cancer treatments have you found? Share your story or that of another below!

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