Have you ever had a cold?

If not, then it’s likely you will very soon!

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary at Barton Publishing, we’re giving away our Home Remedy Report for the Common Cold…with no-strings-attached!

Inside this report, you’ll learn simple, natural ways to attack and finally beat the common cold. You’ll also find:

  • How to reduce a cold’s severity, duration, and the number of days
  • The Vitamin C flush trick
  • The fact or fiction behind “Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever” myth
  • The 3 best liquids to help your body combat a cold
  • Recipes for cold curing chicken soup
  • 6 ways to tell the difference between the cold and the flu, with effective home remedies for each
  • Common sense strategies for the uncommon cold
  • How to build immunity against germs
  • Proven health tips to protect against colds
  • And many more natural solutions!

We’ve also put up a video with our senior editor, Cheryl Ravey, to talk a little more about the Common Cold Remedy Report giveaway and to reveal what has improved with our monthly natural health publication since 2009!

For more health tips, homemade and natural remedies to kick the “ick!”…

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