Potentially life-threatening germs may be hiding out under your bed. Reduce your risk of infection by resisting a bed bug infestation with natural remedies.

It is not enough that blood sucking bed bugs are gross, but new research cranks the “ick” factor up a notch.  Just recently, a hospital in Canada uncovered bed bugs with the super virus MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) from the beds of 3 patients.

MRSA is drug-resistant and produces an infection with few treatment options, and can become deadly if it gets through the skin and into the blood stream. MRSA is also known as a “superbug” because this bacteria has developed the ability to survive medical intervention. Now, a bed bug is a superbug. That is super bad news.

The bed bugs have already been linked to pathogens present in their bodies, such as plague and Hepatitis B, now there is evidence that suggests these insects can be responsible for carrying diseases that cause medical and deathly threats.

Entomologists say the number of bed bugs continues to increase each year worldwide, likely because of their resistance to current pesticides. The risk is very real and can bring severe financial and emotional distress.

The authors of Home Cures That Work can’t imagine that anyone could afford not to choose early bed bug detection. There are monitoring tools you can use and quick appropriate action that is essential to help you prevent MRSA and bed bugs. Here is what you can do to learn more about and treat for bed bugs:

  • How To Fight Bed Bugs and Win: This may be a war with bed bugs, but you can have the victory.  Kill them all, in all stages, wherever they are and whatever it takes. Here is a plan to win.
  • Bed Bug Spray Review: A review of the best bed bug spray for exterminating and preventing bed bugs – used at home and by hotels, pest control companies and cleaning professionals.
  • Win the Bed Bug Battle Naturally: Using natural remedy essential oils and keep your sleeping area clean can keep bed bugs away and truly help you, “Sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite.”
  • Don’t Lose Sleep Because of Bed Bugs: With the rising spread of this bed bug infestation, follow these simple tips, tricks and natural solutions so you can feel safe sleeping at night.
  • Deliver The Heat To Kill Bed Bugs: Ensure shoes, purses, backpacks and books free from bed bugs. Consider this tool essential as part of your plan and treatment to eradicate bed bugs from home.

These natural treatments for bed bugs in the May issue of Home Cures That Work can help you control any pest problem and infectious disease such as MRSA. Our remedies are herbal and safe DYI solutions that work if you have bed bugs and want to prevent an unclean visitor affecting the sanitation of your household.

If you find evidence of bed bugs or simply want to ensure your safety, the safe and natural remedies in Home Cures That Work will take the bite out of bed bugs without the harsh chemicals that are found in many traditional treatment methods!

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P.S. Why do bed bugs bite? In order for bed bugs to reach the next stage of their life cycle, they must take a blood meal often from humans or pets. If the presence of bed bugs is detected early on, a bed bug infestation can be removed before they have a chance to feed, breed and infest. Home Cures That Work is the golden ticket to bed bug identification and population control.  Here is food for thought – not food for bed bugs: