In reality “death by diabetes” is normally caused by the #1 killer . . . Heart Disease. 

Medically speaking, diabetes is a group of symptoms triggered from an imbalance of your immune system. Even before a person is diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease has already begun to affect your health.

That is why this letter may be the most important letter you will read this year. The new science of biology has made groundbreaking advancements in understanding how the body heals itself, without drugs . . . discussed in the Diabetes Reversal Report from 

Once you understand how your healing processes work you can better help your body protect and repair itself. Known by many names such as, functional medicine, herbal medicine, integrative medicine, nutritional medicine, holistic medicine or Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), they all focus on empowering your best efforts.

Studies have shown the risk for cardiovascular disease, or heart disease, is the same for pre-diabetics as it is for diabetics. Based on the latest medical discoveries and long standing statistics, nothing is more important than supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

Your body has many self regulating systems that are ultimately connected to your immune defense system. Normally, when you fall ill the body quickly heals itself “electromagnetically” through one or more of your metabolic healing systems. This normal rejuvenating function depends upon your 70 trillion cells keeping in constant communication.

This vast inner cellular communication network transcends any “part” of the body. By understanding that the body is greater than the sum of its parts, you can see how everything is interconnected.

Western science made a fundamental error by assuming the body was primarily chemical and made of separate mechanical parts. This oversight has place Western Medicine far behind what our ancestors already knew thousands of years ago.

Now thanks to amazing scientific technologies we can verify that what ancient healers believed as true . . . the body is made of pure energy and depends on cell salts, nutrients and our environment to heal.

There is a cure for diabetes, but Western Medicine has jealously protected its right to with-hold this information from the marketplace. 

At least for as long as they could. 

Typically once a “natural cure” is recognized . . . it is put under lock and key, until it can be bio-chemically synthesized and patented.

I can assure you there IS a cure for diabetes . . .

In fact, the beautiful thing is by curing diabetes you are also preventing heart disease, or at least reducing your risk of heart disease greatly.

Strong HeartSimply through nurturing specific healing systems you can strengthen weakened cells and help restore your over all health.

The amazing benefit of using Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) is how it complements the treatment you may already be using. At the point where Western Medicine and Complementary Medicine (CAM) meet, integrative medicine is born.

Proven time-tested natural remedies are the solution to your medical issues. The answer to universal healthcare is through education NOT medication. The more that you discover about supporting your own natural functions the faster you can remove the obstacle to your healing.

As you continue to follow our series on self-health care and the power of natural remedies, the easier it will be for you to take control of your life once again. Reverse Diabetes and Reverse Heart Disease.  It is that simple!

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