The aroma of fresh brewed coffee…

A whiff of homemade bread right out of the oven…

Home Cures That Work with Essential OilsThe fragrance or cologne of that special someone in your life…

Scents like these usually ssvoke pleasant memories and emotions. Even more amazing is the fact that inhaling particular scents can actually improve our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What I’m referring to are essential oils.  In our April issue of Home Cures That Work, you will discover a wealth of information about essential oils and how their aroma and application can enhance your health.

Whether you’re new to the science of aromatherapy or looking for new ways to apply these healing essential oils to your health regimen, you’ll appreciate our articles covering a wide spectrum of applications.

Believe it or not, you’ll even learn about how essential oils can enhance your workout! It’s true! Studies have shown how aromatherapy can improve stamina, energy and endurance. Essential oils can also help prevent injury, relieve muscle pain, and make your workout more pleasant.

But with so many essential oils available and so many claims about each essential oil’s healing powers, where do you start? Which essential oils should you buy first and for what purpose? Our Top 10 Essential Oils article answers those questions and much more!

And did you know that the use of essential oils dates back to biblical times? At least 15 essential oils are mentioned in the Bible. Each oil mentioned possesses a special application and medicinal quality, as well as a spiritual metaphor. Learn about how you can experience spiritual healing as well as physical and emotional healing from essential oils.

Unlike drugs, essential oils provide us with a broad and pleasant sensory experience. For instance, when massaging the oil onto your skin, you may experience a tingling or soothing sensation, while the oil’s aroma provides a tantalizing memory.  The aroma of that essential oil plays a lead role in its effectiveness.

Tip of the day: Mix frankincense and ginger oils to help reduce inflammation and support joints. Rub with a carrier oil onto sore joints or to knead out the inflammation from a cramp.

P.S. Does someone in your household keep you awake with their snoring? We provide a great essential oil remedy to STOP SNORING and restore peaceful sleep! Also, learn about an essential oil that can actually increase your energy and stamina during exercise!