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Check out the current issue on the Common Cold now to learn simple, natural ways to attack and finally beat the common cold. You’ll find cold fighting heroes to stock up on so you can chase away the germs at the first sight of a sneeze.

Dr. Saunders Cure for the Common Cold

Sooner or later, everyone suffers coughing, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, and fever that we call the common cold. Learn what natural steps to take when this bug takes hold and how to build your immunity. Learn more…

Stopping A Cold In Its Tracks

Cold viruses are easy to stop at the onset of symptoms. Once the cold virus has set in and multiplied, you can shorten the duration of the cold with natural remedies. Before your sniffles morph into a nasty sinus, chest, or ear infection, early treatment can make a big difference. Learn more…

bust a cold juiceFeed a Cold, Starve a Fever. Fact or Fiction?

The battle against a cold often requires intervention. To help flush out bugs, here are the 3 best liquids to help your body combat a cold. This cold busting juice recipe can reduce a cold’s severity, duration, and the number of days it knocks you horizontal.
Learn more…

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