• Home Cures That Work for Food AllergiesIf you’ve ever left speechless from a doctor’s office after being told you have allergies…
  • If you’ve ever spent hours on the throne (and not the good kind)…
  • If you’ve ever had a skin allergy test and had your back covered in big red itchy welts…

…Then you know how frustrating it can be to realize your favorite foods are making you sick.

You have food allergies! Now what?

Simply put, your body’s intestinal flora and wall became compromised. Illness and stress, a sterile environment, prescription medication & GMO foods reduced the good bacteria in your gut. They also broke down the wall in your intestinal tract.

Now, your body cannot recognize certain food particles. Your immune system considers them a foreign substance and tags them as “bad.” Next time you eat that food, your body sends up the red flag and attacks.

It’s time to heal that gut!

The most common approach to reversing a food allergy or sensitivity is to avoid that food until you are no longer allergic. But eliminating food is not going to magically make the body heal. The good news is Home Cures that Work is going to give you 2 surprising ways to heal that gut of yours.

Supplements for Food Sensitivities – There are supplements that can encourage healing, aid in digestion and minimize discomfort.  Watch your symptoms dissolve before your eyes.

Stop Washing Your Hands – Your homes are stocked with many antibacterial cleaners and soaps. They provide no defense to fight off disease, but can cause an allergy diagnosis. Sanitizing our homes, hands and world is not such a good thing and our health is taking a direct hit. Allergies are a direct result. Why you should stop using anything with triclosan.

You don’t have to be allergic to life. The joy of eating a delicious meal can be yours.  Above all, remember it takes time to completely heal your gut. But, you can notice some fast benefits by incorporating these Home Cures That Work principles. Good luck on your gutsy adventures!

P.S. If you’re on the fence about trying the elimination diet, then get more clarification. If you can’t follow these guidelines, then check out Amanda Box’s article here. She’s the expert!

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