Lyme disease is on the rise… and the really scary thing is that we now know that you can catch it from people—not just ticks! Discover the risk factors when it comes to Lyme disease in this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work.

Whether you have Lyme disease, know someone who has it, or simply want to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this debilitating disease, you’ll gain so much by reading the October issue of Home Cures That Work.

For instance, Dr. Scott Saunders, MD, explains in his easy-to-understand manner:

  • What Lyme disease is
  • Lyme disease signs and symptoms
  • How to test for Lyme disease
  • Why Lyme disease is so difficult to diagnose

Home Cures That Work for Lyme DiseaseDr. Saunders also explains why Lyme disease is becoming more prevalent. You’ll definitely want to read about how Lyme is similar to HIV and can be passed from person to person without any ticks involved and what you can do to prevent contamination.

A woman named Jane had already been to 79 doctors, none of whom could diagnose her illness. Finally, doctor number 80 happened to be Dr. Scott Saunders. Find out how he discovered that Jane had Lyme disease and why it’s so difficult to recognize.

Many people have found tremendous benefit in changing their diet to reduce the symptoms of Lyme and maximize the immune response to let the body do as much as it can to combat the infection. In Healing Lyme Disease with Foods, you’ll discover specific foods to eat that reduce the inflammation that so often accompanies Lyme disease. You’ll also find out which foods to avoid that can work against you when suffering from Lyme disease.

Just as it is foolish to think that disease is simply in one’s head, so we discover that Lyme disease is not merely a matter of the physical either. Read about the remarkable recovery of a young woman who nearly died from Lyme disease. You’ll be amazed at how she overcame this life-threatening illness.

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P.S. Find some delicious, Lyme-fighting recipes in this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work!

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