In a dirty, crowded world where germs are outsmarting drugs by leaps and bounds and our health care options may or may not be mired in red tape for years, we’re being forced to face feces. Which is kind of a good thing. They’re the ID cards our bodies issue, charting with terrifying accuracy. So, how do we ensure a healthy gut?

Home Cures That Work for PoopHOME CURES THAT WORK HEADLINES – July 2013

Understanding A Healthy Stool and How to Prevent Constipation

Constipation is the pits. Of course, well-meaning people tell you to drink plenty of fluids, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet. But sometimes we still need an extra “push.” Now, chronic constipation is another issue altogether, and can be a result of thyroid issues, food allergies or a bacterial imbalance in your gut. Best to address this holistically to help you get to the root of issue. I want to share with you a simple and inexpensive remedy for constipation that’s worked for me and many others.
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Good Poop = Good Health

It’s certainly not a glamorous topic, but what comes out of you can tell a lot about your internal health and even the posture that you use to “poop” can make a difference in how well you eliminate. Intestinal health is a complex subject and many factors can affect how well or how often you use the restroom, but how it goes when you go can make a difference in your overall bowel health. For the most part, a consistent real food diet and adequate sleep will keep things moving, but there are some factors you can optimize, especially if you suffer from constipation or digestive disorders. I’ll attempt to make some suggestions in a classy way and keep the bathroom humor to a minimum.
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healthy poop smoothieHealthy Food for Healthy Poop

Cleaning up the intestinal tract can be like cleaning up a toxic waste dump. No need to worry! You are definitely not alone. Obviously, diet can make a big difference in your poop, but it might be in ways you wouldn’t expect. Here are what I believe are the top 3 foods in creating healthy poop, healthy digestion, and therefore a healthy whole body!! If you want healthy poop and a healthy digestive tract, try this recipe!
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